PhotoFlow: Edit photos before uploading to Facebook or Instagram

In the current times we work, either in a professional or more domestic way, with photographs of all kinds, own or from third parties. We regularly share these contents in social networks or instant messaging applications. However, doing some editing work will never hurt, so PhotoFlow will help us.

There are many programs that we can use at the moment for this type of tasks that we discuss. And is that the photo editing , while only a few years ago was limited to a few, today is within reach of the majority. It is for all this that in the times that run, users without too much experience in these lides can correct and adapt their photos to what they need.

How could it be otherwise, for this we have many alternatives in the form of programs , such as we are going to talk about now. Specifically it is PhotoFlow, an open source application , free and valid for several platforms. So, in case we want to try a powerful photo editor for both Windows and Linux, you can download it from here . In fact it is a portable version, so we can carry the compressed file in any USB memory .

Photo Flow interfaz principal

How the PhotoFlow photo editor works

Once we start it, the application asks us to select the photo file with which we will work in this case. To start, it should be mentioned that in the lower right part of the interface , we find several buttons to indicate how we want to see the photo. So we can expand it over a specific area, or reduce it, change the aspect ratio, or see it in light or dark mode.

At the same time, at the top of the interface we find a series of buttons to open other files, save the current project, or close the program. Therefore, here what really interests us is in the left part of the program window. In this section we find all the functions proposed by this application and that are used to edit the images . The truth is that its use is very simple, since we will only have to click on the corresponding button.

Opciones de Photo Flow

In this way we can draw freehand on the loaded photo , use the clone, or the clipping tool. At the same time, we find that one of these buttons gives us access to the most basic functions of this type of applications. Therefore, by clicking on it, we will see that we can correct parameters such as brightness, color , saturation , contrast, etc. PhotoFlow also allows us to work with layers , so we have the possibility to create groups of personal layers, or manage them in the best way.

Moreover, the program even presents us the possibility, directly, to include any other image that we have saved on disk, as a layer for the current project . This will greatly facilitate the use of these useful elements, especially if we deal with many photos in a single job.

Finally, we will tell you that all the changes we are making will be saved in a list located in the same interface . This will allow us to undo what does not convince us at any time throughout the editing work and leave the changes really useful.