Personalizing Your Windows Experience with Third-Party Apps

Windows 10 and Windows 11 offer a plethora of customization options for both design and functionality. However, some users crave even more freedom and seek third-party applications to tailor Windows to their exact preferences. If you’re looking to elevate your Windows customization game, read on to discover some of the best third-party programs available.

personalize windows

1. RoundedTB (Windows 11 Aesthetic):

  • RoundedTB is a handy application that allows you to round the corners of your taskbar, giving it the sleek design found in Windows 11.
  • It also lets you split the taskbar into multiple segments and replicate the macOS-style taskbar behavior when hovering over an app icon.
  • This free app is available for download from the Microsoft Store.


2. Windows 11 Classic Context Menu (Restoring Familiarity):

  • Windows 11 introduced changes to the context menu, which some users may not prefer.
  • With the “Windows 11 Classic Context Menu” app, you can revert the context menu to a single-section design.
  • Download this app to maintain a more familiar context menu appearance.

3. TranslucentTB (Taskbar Transparency Control):

  • TranslucentTB provides a straightforward way to adjust the transparency of your taskbar or even make it nearly invisible, all while retaining Windows transparency features.
  • Customize your taskbar’s appearance with this free app available in the Microsoft Store.

4. BeWidgets (Custom Widgets):

  • If you’re a fan of Windows widgets or want to create your own, BeWidgets is the answer.
  • This free app works on both Windows 10 and Windows 11, allowing you to place widgets anywhere on your desktop.
  • Download BeWidgets from the Microsoft Store to enjoy custom widget creation.


5. Files App (Enhanced File Explorer Tabs):

  • For Windows 10 users craving tab support in File Explorer and additional functionality, the Files app is a valuable addition.
  • It offers tabbed browsing with a design reminiscent of Windows Explorer but with many extra features.
  • You can purchase the Files app for 8.99 euros from the Microsoft Store.

6. Lively Wallpaper (Animated Wallpaper):

  • Lively Wallpaper lets you personalize your computer’s wallpaper with animated images and offers customization options to display the information you want.
  • This open-source application is available for free via the Microsoft App Store.

7. Auto Dark Mode (Automated Dark/Light Mode Switching):

  • Simplify the process of switching between Windows dark and light modes with Auto Dark Mode.
  • You can program it to automatically toggle between modes based on your preferences.
  • Download Auto Dark Mode directly from its GitHub page.

8. Taskbar11 (Custom Taskbar Placement):

  • If you wish to move your taskbar to the top of your screen, Taskbar11 is the solution.
  • It’s a free application that enables taskbar relocation, as native Windows options currently do not support this.
  • Download Taskbar11 for added flexibility.


9. Start11 (Comprehensive Windows Customization):

  • Start11 is the ultimate application for those who want to take customization to the next level.
  • It allows you to revert Windows to the design of previous versions, including icons, and offers extensive customization options for various aspects of the operating system.
  • A trial version of Start11 is available for download.

These third-party applications can help you unlock the full potential of Windows customization, allowing you to tailor your Windows experience to your liking. Whether you want to tweak the appearance or streamline functionality, these tools have you covered.