Personalize Your Chats: How to Customize Fonts in WhatsApp

WhatsApp carries text, voice, and video messaging, changing the facet in communication. In all of its features, there is a point in the app where WhatsApp stands traditionally: font options. The app, as a matter of fact, does not support custom fonts with the standard policy prevailing in the application.

However, for any users who need to customize their messaging experience, some of the ways and tools used to alter the font style, other than their provided few in WhatsApp, are discussed in this article.


How to Change the Font Size in WhatsApp

For those looking to adjust the font size for better readability, WhatsApp offers a simple solution:

  • Open WhatsApp and navigate to Settings.
  • Tap on Chats.
  • Find and select Font Size. Here, you can choose between Small, Medium, and Large according to your preference. This change will apply to messages within WhatsApp only and will not affect the general font size used on your device in notifications and other applications.

Adding a Touch of Originality:

Text Formatting Of course, just enlarging the font size is quite boring. In addition, using this you can add some style to the messages using a bit of creativity. WhatsApp allows you to add some formatting options to text like:

  • Bold: Add an asterisk (*) before and after your text.
  • Italics: Use underscores (_) on either side of your text.
  • Strikethrough: Enclose your text with tildes (~).
  • Monospace: Surround your text with three backticks (“`). These formatting options enable you to emphasize words, convey tone, and add clarity to your messages.

Taking It a Step Further:

External Apps Third-party apps, such as Stylish Text, pick up the slack with a humongous range of font styles for your messages on WhatsApp and more. After installing Stylish Text, this is what you can do:

  • Choose from dozens of font styles.
  • Preview your text in different fonts.
  • Send messages in your chosen font directly to WhatsApp.

This is an application that would be used to not only broaden the choice of fonts but would also represent one of the surest ways through which the recipients of your messages view the text in the said styling.


Where, at face value, this norm of WhatsApp font might be taking away personalization; in reality, there are so many loopholes and tools that definitely make it more than enough in terms of personalizing. These formatting options are either in-built or external applications, but having your WhatsApp text customized will always let you speak out your personality and style. By embracing these methods, users can enjoy a more tailored messaging experience that stands out from the crowd.