There are people paying a lot of money to be next to celebrities in the Metaverse

Since Zuckerberg tried to distract us, with that dystopian announcement of his metaverse, from the scandals of leaking reports that showed the true face of the company, many have taken the bait. And some have swallowed even the cane, because everyone talks without knowing and some are paying millions without knowing why. This is the case of someone who has paid $450,000 to be a “virtual neighbor” of a legendary rapper. And it’s just the beginning of the new foolishness , craziness , fashion that threatens to make this timeline the most depressing and boring of all.

people paying a lot of money to be next to celebrities in the Metaverse

The metaverse… if you’re sick of hearing about it from a bunch of clueless people, we can make a club.

Meanwhile, others are paying outrageously to live “next to” their favorite stars in it and there is even talk of the metaverse‘s “real estate” market.

We tell you all the horrible details of what awaits us.

$450,000 for being Snoop Dogg’s neighbor in the metaverse

Snoop Dogg, magnate del metaverso

In December of last year, someone whose name has not been revealed paid that amount when famous rapper Snoop Dogg was selling “parcels” of his metaverse , the Snoopverse .

But it is not the only one, apparently, according to the company Metametric Solutions, the real estate market of the metaverse (I am not making this up) has reached 85 million dollars in sales . I don’t know what they are teaching now in Economics, but the subjects must have changed a lot since I graduated.

A small aside to remember that you are reading El Output and not El Mundo Today . Because yes, this is all real, not like the metaverse.

But it is not only that, a report by BrandEssence Market Research forecasts that, between 2022 and 2028, the metaverse real estate market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 31% .

If you are already thinking that you will not be able to have a home in virtual universes, and that they will be as depressing as the real one, you are right. People are already building a speculative economy before the metaverse itself, but wait a bit, I’m not done.

Don’t go yet, there’s still more

El metaverso, muy ligado a la realidad virtual

Apparently, it works like this, because as my mother always says: “God raises them and they get together.”

When you buy a virtual parcel, you get a non-fungible token, that is, one of those famous NFTs , which essentially represents a digital space.

How do you stay?

After creating an account on one of the platforms of the metaverse (there will be four thousand so that only one ends up triumphing, as always on the network) you can use your cryptocurrencies to buy land , either through the sale of land from a project or directly to the owners.

That “land” can be purchased through a bid or at a fixed price, and once it’s yours, you can build on it. It can be your digital mansion or a bunker for when that late virtual meteorite comes.

And of course, you can sell it to others , of course. Of course, I suppose that with a good dose of nonsense speculation that raises the price, of course. If not, they’ll kick you out of the club or something.

Anyway, there are people who are paying nonsense for these lands and there are four main sites where you can already buy plots according to Fortune magazine: The Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and Somnium.

They have their districts, they sell that space piecemeal and will probably go under when Facebook does its thing. I don’t really know how the Snoopverse is going, probably, Snoop either.

Summarizing. Nobody really knows what this is about, but many already want it, they are positioning themselves and paying a lot of money to be the first or to be the one next to Snoop Dogg. That knowing Dogg, he has been in other worlds more pleasant than the metaverse for a long time, sponsored by his fondness for a certain plant.