PayPal, Bizum, Verse… and other apps to pay your friends

After Christmas, one of the first things we have to do is catch up on our debts with friends, something very common when we have half bought gifts or paid for Christmas dinner and now… it’s time to pay all those debts. To make the hassle of paying as pleasant and as fast as possible, there will be nothing like having one of these apps to pay your friends quickly.

PayPal, Bizum, Verse... and other apps to pay your friends

Despite the fact that some are well known, there are others that are not so well known and the most important thing is that we get to know them as soon as possible to find out which one we have to opt for and choose the one that best suits us.

PayPal: old school

If we are one of the oldest on the internet, one of the apps that will be most familiar to us will be PayPal and the facility that it gives us to easily send money to our friends, acquaintances or even when making transactions with stores through our email.


Being an app that has been on the market for a long time, it is possibly one of the most reliable that we can find both for making transactions with friends and with businesses, even having the possibility of doing so with buyer protection . Something that is greatly appreciated when scams and scams are increasingly the order of the day.

Developer: PayPal, Inc.

Bizum: the most used

Of course, the app most used by everyone and that doesn’t even need introductions is Bizum; the app that has completely changed the paradigm that we all had of lending money to our friends or family and how easy it has made the process of settling scores for us.

To use it, we will simply have to register with our phone and our bank account and after that we can start passing money between us without major problems or inconveniences. In the case of this app, it is mostly integrated with most banks, as we will see later.


Verse: the alternative has arrived

One of the latest apps to arrive and that has hit the public the strongest is Verse, with which we can also pay our friends, just as we can do with Bizum, although in this sense, with a VerseCard through which you can earn money .

Yes, it is true that when the latter arrived, it did not have the approval of many of the users and they have even carried out campaigns with which they intend to attract clients in exchange for money for each user they bring. Like this, it is also commented by gossips who do not attend too well in customer service, so they are aspects to take into account.

Remitly: one more to the equation

In this case, the one that joins this great conglomerate of apps is Remitly, an app that you may have heard of due to the number of ads that have been made on social networks about it. Its particularity is that it greatly encourages sending money abroad , perfect if we have a family member or friend abroad.

A new app that, like the previous one, continues to try to gain a foothold in this complicated market in which both Bizum and PayPal are fully endorsed.

Pay with Bizum from the bank

Despite the fact that all the apps that we have indicated to you, there are some that will make our work much easier, as is the case with those of the bank of each one of us. Many of these apps already have several payment services integrated.

For example, Bizum is integrated into the app of many banks, such as La Caixa, so if we belong to this bank, the most interesting thing to do will be to opt for the bank’s own app, since it will be the one that is best integrated. be with our bank account. Despite this, there are not a few banking entities -especially the lesser-known ones- that bet on direct payment methods that are not the one known to all, Bizum.