Overcome the January cost with 3 these apps to save

The January slope arrives and we propose many things. Among them, spending less, saving and managing our money better. Although it is enough to make an Excel spreadsheet with income and expenses, there are also specific applications that we can have on our mobile phone and that allow us to keep track. Apps to save and to manage our money that we can have on the phone.

Applications to control the expenses that we can have on our mobile phone and that will allow us to have control of our finances directly from the smartphone with everything we spend or all the money we earn.

Overcome the January cost with 3 these apps to save


Monefy is an application that we can have on our mobile phones and that allows us to enter all our daily expenses manually in different categories without having to link our bank account to any application. A graph will allow us to add expenses to the application with the corresponding amount for each day and you will have, at a glance, everything you have spent and on what. Restaurants, complete, clothes, household expenses, telephone or what you pay in house bills…

Everything will be grouped and organized by color so that we can take a look at the corresponding graph and have an idea of what we have spent it on. We can see the different percentages and add categories that we need.


It is the savings app par excellence, although it is different from the previous one because here we are not recording expenses manually in the corresponding categories with colors or labels added, but Fintonic accesses our accounts and cards in a totally secure way and allows us to manage all our money as well as giving us tips, recommendations and tricks to save little by little.

It is compatible with practically all possible banking entities and we can control commissions, we can save on the electricity or gas bill or we can receive notifications if there is a problem. The app is free for iOS and Android and we can use the account from the browser as we need.


Challenge 52 weeks

Another recommended application to save is “52 week challenge” that allows us to plan to achieve the goal we want in a year. We choose the goal we want and the money we want to save, and the application automatically takes care of telling us how much we should save each day to meet the goal. We do not save directly in the bank account, but it consists of saving it in a piggy bank or following the method you want. Once you’ve saved that money that week, you mark it as deposited.

Each time the amount we save will be greater until it increases, little by little, to achieve your goal until 52 weeks have passed. If you don’t save a specific week for some reason, the application recalculates so that the following weeks make up for what you should have previously saved. It is easy to use and we can see a percentage, at all times, of what we have already achieved and what we still have to achieve to reach our goal.