Original Instagram username ideas

If you have an Instagram account or intend to have one, the first thing we must choose is what to call it. And we can bet on putting our name and surnames but it is also possible that you are looking for name ideas for Instagram, original ideas to use on our profile if we want to succeed on the social network by uploading all kinds of content. Here are some of the best Instagram name ideas if you have a personal, business or theme account.

Although it will depend on the originality of each one, there are some tricks or tips that we can follow to have a good account so that they are easy to memorize, comfortable to follow and search in the application, etc.

Original Instagram username ideas

How to change username on Instagram

The first thing we need to know, before knowing original Instagram name ideas, is how we can change the username on Instagram. We can choose it when creating an account but we can also change it once we have already created it if we have regretted it or simply if we want to modify it.

The steps we must follow to change the name on Instagram are the following:

  • Open Instagram in your profile
  • Go to your profile on Instagram
  • You will see your data and your photos uploaded to the feed
  • Go to the top and tap on the “Edit profile” button
  • A series of boxes and data will open:
    • Name
    • Username
    • Website
    • Presentation
  • Go to the first and second section

Here we have two options. Change the name that appears on the profile and where it is normal for us to put our first and last name or the name of our company. And the second box is “Username” where we must choose a unique name that has not been chosen by anyone before on Instagram and that will be the one that other users look for us with and the one that will appear on our profile.

Tips for choosing a name on Instagram

Once we know how to change it, it is important to know what to choose, what to put.

There are a series of tips that we must follow if we are looking for original names for Instagram regardless of whether we want to have a professional name or a personal name for our account. We must always keep in mind that it is easy to memorize or easy to write, that it is comfortable to remember or to say to someone.

Among the most common and easy to follow tips is that we use short names, not excessively long . And it can be easily read . If you write your name with several consonants at the same time, it may be more difficult to know if it was one, two, three… In other words, do not write PPPPablo as an Instagram user because your friends or acquaintances may not know if it is PPablo or PPPablo or PPP Pablo, for example. It can lead to confusion and is best avoided, in most cases.

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Another basic and simple tip is to avoid as much as possible the symbols that make it more difficult for other users to remember your name. And, of course, always spell correctly both your nickname on Instagram and the name you use to identify yourself on the social network in front of other users, for example.

Names for personal accounts

If we want to have a personal Instagram account and are looking for original names that go beyond putting your name and surnames or your date of birth…

Ideas with names and nicknames

There are many options to put our name in an original way beyond writing pepeperezgarcia or albertohurtadogonzalez since it can be unoriginal and funny or excessively long so that it always appears on the profile…

  • Merge nicknames or names

If you want your Instagram name to be your name, we can merge first name and last name, for example. We can put pepega in front of pepeperezgarcia and it will be easier to remember, more comfortable, more striking and easier to remember.

  • Use anagrams or puns

For example, we can flip our name around to find a funnier and more original Instagram name than just typing it as usual. In the case of calling yourself Rocío, for example, you can turn it around by getting Oicor, as an example. The same happens if your name is Lucía: we can turn it around and get a different name that will not necessarily link to your name, Acilu.

  • Link your name to your job

Another option is that we have a personal profile but we do not want to leave aside what we are dedicated to. If you are an architect and you want your profile name to show it, for example. Or if you work in technology… We can bet on names like AntonioArq or LucasTech and as many combinations as you need depending on your name and depending on your work or passion.


Project and company ideas

If what we have is an Instagram account dedicated to a company, the most advisable thing is to add some kind of word that talks about what you do or what you want to talk about… For example, we can add keywords along with the name of the company or project or our own name to indicate the content of our profile… You can add beauty, food, style, beauty, fitness and other similar words that indicate to the followers what our page will be about.

In the case of companies, the most advisable thing is that we bet on the name of the company or that we use the brand so that it is easily recognizable. In case the registered trademark is not available or there is another profile with that name, we can bet on adding a symbol such as underscores or some addition to differentiate.

Original ideas

Beyond using profiles with our company name or our personal name, we may have other secondary accounts for specific content. For example, we can have an Instagram account or profile to upload book reviews or a specific account to recommend series or movies or to talk about something more specific such as profiles on Marvel, Star Wars, etc.

Original ideas for Instagram profiles like:

  • @Instawars
  • @Jokerman
  • @Batstagram
  • @feelthebeat
  • @ontune
  • @silentnotes
  • @songbird
  • @singingstorm
  • @dreamybeats
  • @traveling_hooligan
  • @travelingprincess
  • @thefloraltraveler
  • @travelbarbie
  • @sunsetsandtravel
  • @cupcakequeen
  • @misscookiemonster
  • @littlecinnamonroll
  • @latenighteats
  • @foodsurfin
  • @nevergohungry
  • @yummyinmytummy
  • @allbookedup
  • @missbookish
  • @itslit
  • @literalliterature
  • @mrbookworm
  • @hookedonbooks
  • @booksforbreakfast
  • @thecutestbookmark
  • @bookaesthetic
  • @checkoutmybookshelf
  • @busyreading
  • @icantstopreading
  • @tbrlistfull