How to optimize PUBG to be able to win games more easily

Despite the popularity of Fortnite and the enormous success of the Epic game, it was PUBG or Players Unknown Battlegrounds , the game that launched the Battle Royale genre. Which consist of placing up to 100 people on a map that narrows in a game in which there can only be one left. To this day it is still one of the most played games on PC. However, it is also one of the worst optimized of all.

In any competitive game, the number of frames prevails over the visual quality, the fact of receiving what is happening in action with delay is the difference between life and death. Typically, this type of game is optimized for systems with modest specifications. However, this is not the case at hand. The solution? Touch the graphic settings of the game and lower the level of detail in order to achieve that speed that will allow us to win games with the game.

optimize PUBG to be able to win games more easily

Why is PUBG so poorly optimized?

The first problem of the founder of the Battle Royale genre is how poorly optimized it is graphically speaking, especially if we start to activate the graphic options that the game has. So much so that having certain visual parameters active or set to very high quality results in a very negative impact on the quality of the game. And we have to say one thing, the game is highly addictive and its games are a joy. The normal thing in this kind of game is that all its visual section is measured to the millimeter, since the frame rate is important. What’s more, along with the fact that Epic’s game was free to play, PUBG’s poor optimization was what caused it to lose the crown when it was released. And to this day still with this problem.


Since it is not a cinematic game, but a highly competitive one, where to enjoy the games it is necessary to get the highest frame rate per second, it is surprising to see that this has not been taken into account when creating the graphic shaders. of the game. What’s more, our goal is to get as much FPS as possible, especially if we have a powerful team.

How to optimize the graphics of the game?

In the graphic options of the game you must set the Overall Graphics Quality option to Custom and the rest of the parameters as follows:

  • Anti-Aliasing on Very Low
  • Post Processing is Very Low
  • Shadows on Very Low
  • Textures in medium
  • Effects on Very Low.
  • Foliage at Very Low
  • Textures can be in Medium quality for more modest equipment, but if you consider that your graphics card is powerful you can put it in Ultra.

By doing this, what we will do is that the game’s graphic engine spends less time calculating these effects, which will make the FPS go up. In any case, don’t forget to set V-Sync and Motion Blur to Disable so that the game doesn’t calculate them. On the other hand, we are interested in seeing our enemies well in games and having a good field of vision, which is why the Camera FOV must be above 100, since we are talking about the angle of vision that we will have to play. That is, how much scenery our eyes will see in each frame. Raise it or lower it as you see how your computer performs.