Optical Encryption: How This Security Technology Works

Data of all kinds are increasingly valuable assets. The need to do everything possible to keep them encrypted from beginning to end is gaining more and more strength. That is why those who are responsible for innovating in the world of technology, do not stop working to meet these needs. In this case, Ben Gurion University has the firm intention of taking the next step for a truly secure end-to-end data encryption without the risk of being intercepted by cybercriminals.


What is the optical encryption model?

It is an End-to-End solution that provides encryption, transmission, decryption and optical detection of data instead of digital. What does “optics” mean? The electric current does not participate in any of the phases of encryption of the data being transmitted. Using standard optical equipment, the research team of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) proposes rendering the light transmission. This light is generated by the optical fiber, making it practically invisible or “stealthy”.

Instead of using a color of the light spectrum to send data, the optical encryption method extends the transmission across many colors in the bandwidth of the optical spectrum, and intentionally creates small portions of data that are hidden under the noise and avoid all detection.

Why do you propose an optical encryption method? Basically, because it has been shown that it is possible to transmit more weakly encrypted data under a high level of noise, making the data undetectable.

Phase mask

This encryption model also applies this mask. Its role is to change the phase of each wavelength (color). That process also appears as noise, which destroys its coherence (or ability) to collect data without the correct encryption key. Then, the phase mask cannot be collected by anyone to be able to dispose of it offline. In this way, the encrypted data is destroyed if an attacker tries to decode it.

Now, what is the application of this methodology ? It is especially useful for communication oriented applications at very high speed. In addition to the sensitive transmission of financial, medical and / or information from social networks. The risk of an attacker infiltrating the data transmission flow is virtually nil. And if you manage to do so, you will need many years to obtain the encryption key for the data that has been transmitted. So it would be virtually useless to try to get over this innovative method.

Currently, the developers of optical encryption are in search of an industry partner with the aim of enhancing its implementation and commercial dissemination. They are clear about the fact that a non-digital encryption method is necessary, considering that the needs of customers and people in general are becoming increasingly demanding. The security level of the data transmitted from beginning to end should be as high as possible.