How Can Open-Source Technology Improve Your Ecommerce Business


Open-source is a term that refers to software that has openly available source code. What this means is that the source code can be used, modified, or enhanced by anyone. There are a lot of benefits to using open-source technology, including flexibility and reduced tech costs.

If you are starting [or currently running] an eCommerce business, then experts recommend using open-source technology to help you improve it.

In this article, you will find a comprehensive guide detailing all of the advantages that you will get from using open-source technology in your eCommerce business:

Developer Support

Unless you’re an expert at coding and website building, you won’t know where to begin with open-source technology. For this reason, you will still have to go through a developer to have your website created. With that said, open-source developers don’t charge a fortune as other web developers do.

Developer support is very useful. For example, with Magento, Magento support services provide telephone and email support, as well as 24/7 site monitoring. The same is true with other open-source developers also. This means that if there’s ever an issue with your website, you can go straight to the developer for help. When you have a team of developers on your side, you’re never alone. You can contact your website’s developers at any time of day [or night] and receive instant support.

Hardware Costs

Open-source and Linux solutions are cheap to run, because they are easily portable and compressed, which ultimately means that it takes less hardware power to perform tasks. This gives people the opportunity to use old or cheaper hardware, instead of the expensive hardware required for Windows workstations. For people who are just starting out and don’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive hardware, open-source solutions are definitely the best option. You can also use second-hand hardware, which you can find online.

Software Costs

In addition to lower hardware costs, open-source software is also much cheaper. This allows you to minimise your outgoings and focus on your profit. The only costs that you would have to factor in when you’re dealing with open-source software are expenditure for media, tech support, and content. The money that you save on software can be invested into other things. You can hire a fantastic content writer, get better graphic art created, or just invest the money into more stock.

The world’s still recovering from the damage COVID-19 caused to the financial markets, so saving money when possible is still very important.

Software Quality

Open-source software is usually very high-quality. This is because the software’s code is open, allowing expert developers to improve and build upon it. It’s very unlikely that you will find poor quality open-source software online unless you are intentionally looking for it in order to code or build on it.  It is the superior quality of open-source software that is incentivizing its use to business owners from around the world. If you go through a developer and you find that your software isn’t up to scratch, then you can contact them and ask them to improve it, which they should be able to do for you.

Vendor Lock-in

One of the main disadvantages of non-open-source technology is vendor lock-in. It can be very frustrating for businesses, IT managers, and developers when dealing with vendor lock-ins. Some of the other disadvantages of non-open-source technology is costly licensing fees, the inability to customize the software, and a lack of portability. Open-source software is much more versatile, flexible, and it’s much easier to use. It makes coding and development much easier. Because you are able to avoid vendor lock-in with open-source software, you are not dependent on a vendor and have more control.  

License Management

When you use open-source software, you don’t need to worry about licensing fees and re-licensing your products. Instead, open-source software enables you to use your software without license compliance. This means that you can install it from anywhere in the world, install it on different computers, and share it around. The freedom from license compliance makes it a much more superior option, especially if you are on a budget. Having to re-license your products every time that you install them on a new device can be very costly. With open-source software, it’s not something that you need to worry about.

Integrated Management

When you use open-source software, you are able to enjoy the benefits associated with integrated management. Because open-source software uses tech like web-based enterprise management and common information models, you can integrate and combine servers, service and workstation management, and applications. This allows for much more efficient administration. Whenever you’re running a business, you should always strive for efficiency. Open-source tech allows you to achieve complete efficiency. Other benefits of integrated management include lower certification costs, fewer interruptions, and reduced documentation.



A lot of people wrongly believe that open-source software isn’t secure. This is wrong. In fact, open-source platforms are very safe. Developers are constantly improving software, creating patches, correcting glitches, and identifying viruses. This is because open-source software is customizable. With fixed software, you have to wait for the provider or company to improve glitches, which can take weeks or months. Open-source developers can fix holes or glitches instantly. Open-source developers can respond to security issues faster than proprietary developers can because of the code exposure and transparency.

The Future

It can’t be argued with, open-source software is the future. By adopting open-source software and using it for your website today, you make your life easier tomorrow. Instead of having to transfer your information and data from proprietary software to open-source software years from now, you can do it all today and master it while nobody else has even heard of it. There are a lot of advantages to getting into open-source software early. As it becomes more popular, it’s incredibly likely that prices will begin to rise. Getting yourself set up now instead of later will save you and your business money.

There are lots of ways that open-source tech can improve your business. If you’re about to start an eCommerce business – or currently run one – then you need to give open-source software some consideration. As this article demonstrates, it will benefit you massively.