Open an Apple developer account: how to do it

By having a standard Apple ID, users gain access to the comprehensive range of products and services offered by the company on their devices. However, with a developer account, one can enjoy additional privileges such as accessing beta versions of operating systems, utilizing tools for application development, design, distribution, and accessing other specific functionalities. To benefit from these features, it is necessary to have a developer account. In this article, we will outline the requirements and guide you through the process of opening a developer account.

You need all this to open a developer account

apple developer account

Creating a standard Apple ID is a straightforward and cost-free process, enabling users to access the company’s services and products. By providing personal information, one can quickly create an account within minutes and begin using it. However, the procedure for opening a developer account differs, and it requires a payment. These developer accounts are specifically designed for individuals or organizations aiming to create and distribute applications through Apple’s various App Stores across their operating systems.

It’s important to note that for individual users, there is only one type of developer account available. However, for developers, there are two options: the Apple Developer Program and the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. These programs cater to different types of developers, with the former intended for individual developers and the latter tailored for companies and organizations.

To become a registered developer, whether as an individual or a company, you need to complete the registration process available through the Apple Developer app or the official developer website. It’s worth noting that if you create and distribute an app with an individual account, your name as the developer will be displayed on the App Store.

One crucial requirement is to have an existing Apple ID, which will be linked to your developer account. Additionally, your Apple ID must have two-step verification enabled for added security. As for the cost, it’s important to know that there is an annual fee associated with developer accounts. For individual accounts, the fee is $99 per year, while for company accounts, it amounts to $299 per year.

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How to open it

To initiate and complete the developer registration process, it is important to use the same device throughout, whether it’s the website or the application. Switching between devices, such as starting on an iPhone and finishing on a Mac, is not allowed. Additionally, ensure that you are signed in to your iCloud account before proceeding with the registration.

Upon starting the registration process and logging in with your Apple ID, you will be presented with a license agreement that must be accepted. After reading the agreement, click on the “Enroll Now” button, followed by the “Continue” button. Next, you will need to provide the required personal information. Remember that your name will appear as the app developer in the App Store. To verify your identity, you may be prompted to submit a photo of your ID. Finally, you will be directed to the account purchase page, where you can complete the payment using the payment methods associated with your Apple ID. Once the payment is made, your account will be activated.

apple developer account