The OnePlus Nord 2 Improves a Lot Thanks to This Patch

OnePlus Nord 2 Improves a Lot

A little over two weeks ago the OnePlus Nord 2 landed in Spain, specifically on July 28. Although since then it has already had to receive different patches to improve its system and correct errors. The first was at the beginning of the month when the Chinese firm released the OxygenOS 11.3.A.08 patch, improving the stability of the smartphone and the performance of the camera. Although the thing has not stopped there.

Despite this first update, this flagship of the Chinese brand continued to give different errors. However, they now seem resolved with the implementation of this new patch for the OnePlus software layer. Not only does it mean more improvements, but it also puts an end to different problems that had not been resolved with the last version that they had released.

Improvements and fixes for the OnePlus Nord 2

The Asian smartphone manufacturer has begun to implement the OxygenOS 11.3.A.09 version for its latest phone to reach the Spanish market, the Nord 2. This latest update further improves the performance of its camera, as well as the loading of views. previews of the images once inside your gallery. In addition, it ends an error that did not allow users of this terminal to enable a Wi-Fi access point.

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And that’s not all, because there is more news as it has been registered in the changelog of this new update. Also, the notification function of the community app has been optimized, as well as the experience of the HDR tool of the camera of this terminal. The effect of the user interface has even been improved once inside the gallery itself. So we are facing seven changes that represent a notable improvement in the OnePlus Nord 2.

In addition, this version of OxygenOS for this OnePlus terminal has begun to be implemented in some regions globally . Although how it happens in all updates, it is not available at the moment for everyone, as the brand has claimed that it is being done in a phased manner.

More than anything, because they want to see if early users report problems or serious bugs, to see if they eventually spread globally to all users. So its arrival in Spain for everyone could be asked for a few days until it is confirmed that it does not give problems.