OnePlus Created Some Triggers to Improve the Game on Mobile Devices

OnePlus does not intend to enter the field of gaming phones, but that does not mean that it is interested in offering the best gaming experience to its users. Hence, it has created some triggers that are attached to the phone with the idea of ​​having greater precision when playing titles such as Call of Duty, PUBG and the like.

OnePlus made some triggers for smartphones

OnePlus Created Some Triggers

One of the features that we have been seeing for a long time in many of the gaming phones that hit the market is the inclusion of touch triggers on one of the edges. Thanks to pressure-sensitive areas, these act as if they were the triggers that we can see in controllers such as PS5 or Xbox.

Of course, the experience is not exactly the same, because it is not the same to press a surface than to press a button that offers a route with which it is easier to feel that it has actually been pressed. That is why OnePlus has decided to create this accessory for gamers that we could say is not really new, but it could be interesting for those who want to improve the gaming experience on the terminals of the company or other brands.

As Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus showed, these triggers have a clamp system that allows them to fit the company’s phones as well as those of other brands. Because it is not an exclusive accessory for the OnePlus and that is interesting, because even with the iPhone they could be used. The only requirement is that the thickness be less than 11.5mm.

Each of the triggers will have a single button, it will not be anything similar to those we see on consoles that have two. Something that makes sense, because if not directly better to connect a console control and put the mobile in the typical supports that are attached to the control.

Of course, it seems that to be able to use them, it will not be enough that the game is the shooter title or similar, it will also have to have advanced customization options with regard to the touch controls on the screen. Because it seems that the part that goes into the screen is the one that should fall just above that area of ​​the panel that would be pressed when pressing the trigger.

Where OnePlus will sell its new triggers for mobile devices

This particular OnePlus proposal will surely only interest a few users, who take the mobile game much more seriously and want to take advantage of any possible advantage to be more competitive. The problem is that for now it does not seem that it is a product that the brand will market globally.

It is known that in India they will be sold and that their exchange price would be around 15 euros . In the rest of the markets there is no data to confirm that they will arrive. It is true that surely some stores that are dedicated to imports end up selling them, as well as possible similar proposals that can be found from other brands.