OnePlus 11 vs. OnePlus 12: Is It Worth the Wait in 2024?

In the fast-paced world of smartphones, the OnePlus 11 has gained significant attention for its combination of affordability and high-end features, all while the launch of the much-anticipated OnePlus 12 looms on the horizon. Today, we’ll delve into whether the OnePlus 11 remains a viable option in 2024 or if it’s more prudent to hold out for the forthcoming smartphones.

The year 2024 has kicked off with a bang, showcasing impressive devices like Samsung‘s Galaxy S24. Announcements of features like 7 years of support have piqued the interest of many potential buyers, prompting them to consider upgrading their mobile phones. Coupled with the impending release of the OnePlus 12, this raises questions about the OnePlus 11’s standing in the smartphone landscape. Let’s explore its specifications and future prospects to draw a definitive conclusion.

oneplus 11

The OnePlus 11 Falls Behind

At first glance, the OnePlus 11 boasts impressive specifications, positioning itself as a high-performance smartphone. It excels in launching games and apps with breathtaking speed, delivering a seamless user experience free from slowdowns or freezes. However, its camera performance, despite carrying the Hasselblad brand, falls short of expectations. For a high-end device, users rightfully expect top-notch performance in all aspects, and unfortunately, the OnePlus 11 has the dubious distinction of featuring one of the weakest cameras in its price range.

While it’s currently available for around 650 euros at Miravia, there are alternatives that offer a more balanced experience for up to 200 euros less, such as the Xiaomi 13T. The OnePlus 11 boasts several strengths, including a 2K resolution AMOLED screen, a top-tier processor, and a sizable battery with lightning-fast charging (although it lacks wireless charging). Yet, at its price point, a high-quality camera is essential, and the primary 50 MP camera and 32 MP telephoto lens fall short of the mark.

OnePlus 11 green and black

Anticipating the OnePlus 12’s Improvements

Although the OnePlus 12’s official unveiling remains unconfirmed, it is rumored to debut in approximately a month. Leaks suggest notable enhancements in battery life, performance, and screen brightness, which align with expectations. However, the most significant upgrade appears to be in the camera department, with collaborative efforts with Hasselblad promising substantial improvements in photography, potentially bringing it on par with other high-end Android offerings.

Additionally, leaks indicate the inclusion of a 64 MP periscopic lens, akin to the one used in phones like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for its telephoto capabilities, potentially rectifying the OnePlus 11’s subpar zoom performance.

Considering these factors, it’s advisable for OnePlus enthusiasts seeking a premium smartphone to await the OnePlus 12’s release to ensure an enhanced user experience. Currently priced at around 650 euros, the OnePlus 11 faces stiff competition from higher-tier alternatives like the recent Pixel 8 and the Galaxy S23 from last year, priced at 699 and 619 euros, respectively.

However, bear in mind that smartphone prices can fluctuate over time. If you happen to come across the OnePlus 11 priced below 500 euros, it could be a compelling option. Unless, of course, the other mentioned smartphones also dip below this psychological price threshold.