One UI 3.0 for Samsung Mobiles: All the News when Updating

After announcing the beta program with UI 3.0 along with Android 11 on Samsung mobiles, the first updates have begun to arrive to the devices and with these all the news that the update brings. Samsung itself has made official a record of changes that we are going to know along with images that we have been able to obtain of the renewed layer and system.

One UI 3.0 for Samsung Mobiles

Little by little, Samsung users will be able to update their smartphones with all these changes, although for now exact dates are not known. The first step will be this beta that arrives loaded with news for Samsung , trying to make life easier for users with mobile phones, and at the same time much more complete with all the additions it has.

One UI 3.0 alongside Android 11 on Samsung

The changes that reach Samsung mobiles are very extensive and among them the ones that most attract the attention of users are those that have to do with the functions or visually in aspects that we use every day. Samsung itself has highlighted some of these and from XDA Developers they have shared images that help us to appreciate them until we can have One UI 3.0 with us.

panel accesos one ui 3.0

The first change we observe has to do with the notification panel and shortcuts both in dark mode and without it. Now these lashes become semi-transparent and create a blur effect to slightly show what is behind. The changes of Android 11 also have a great relationship with what happens in the Samsung layer and the new chat bubbles are now available in the apps that allow it. We also give the new separation of notifications between conversations and the rest of notifications.

burbujas one ui 3.0

Other design-changing highlights with One UI 3.0 are the phone calls which can be customized with backgrounds and images. Bixby routines also become more important and allow us to customize them faster even with icons and colors to identify them.

one ui 3.0

One UI 3.0 changelog

Finally, we leave you with the entire list of changes in One UI 3.0 that have been integrated into Samsung, beyond the design or visual aspects that we have seen previously. To these many others will be added as the beta version advances and needs are found.

one ui 3

Starting screen

  • Long press an app to add a widget.
  • Turn off the screen by double-tapping an empty area on the home screen. You can activate this in Settings> Advanced features> Motions and gestures.

Lock screen

  • The lock screen now has more categories and you can select more than one.
  • Lock screen widgets are improved.

Quick panel

  • When you slide your finger from the top, notifications and access work better.


  • The Always On Display widgets have been improved.


  • Get quick access to the most important accessibility settings during device setup.
  • Configure accessibility shortcut more easily in settings.
  • Sound detectors now work with your SmartThings devices, such as televisions and lights, to give you more visibility

Samsung keyboard

  • You can find keyboard settings more easily in General Management under Settings, and the settings have been rearranged to put the most important ones first.

Samsung DeX

  • Now you can connect to compatible TVs wirelessly.
  • New multiple touchpad gestures allow you to change the font size and zoom of the screen more easily.


  • Added ability to block websites from redirecting you when you tap the back button.
  • Menus reorganized for easier searching.
  • Added option to hide status bar for more immersive browsing experience.
  • Maximum number of open tabs increased to 99.
  • Added ability to lock and reorder tabs.
  • Improved tab bar layout now compatible with all devices.

Contacts and phone

  • Added an option to help you quickly remove duplicate contacts.
  • Search experience improved.

Phone / call background

  • Added ability to customize call screen with your own images and videos.


  • New trash to store recently deleted messages.

Call and text on other devices

  • Added the ability to turn calls and text messages on or off on other devices with Bixby Routines.


  • Events with the same start time are now displayed together in month and agenda view.
  • Reorganized options for adding and editing events.
  • Improved layout for full screen alerts.

Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls

  • Now you can see how your usage has changed since the previous week and check the usage time for each feature.
  • Added phone usage time to weekly report.
  • Added a lock screen widget so you can check your screen time without unlocking your phone.
  • Separate profiles have been added for personal and work modes so you can track your screen time separately.


  • Improved functionality and usability of autofocus and auto exposure.
  • Improved stabilization when taking pictures of the moon at high zoom levels

Photo editor

  • Added ability to revert edited images to their original versions.

Bixby routine

  • Grouped preset routines help you get started quickly and learn to create your own routines quickly
  • Now you can see what actions are reversed when a routine ends.
  • New conditions have been added, such as a specific start time, disconnection from a Bluetooth device or Wi-Fi network, a call from a specific number, and more.
  • New actions have been added, including chat with Bixby and accessibility actions.
  • You can add a custom icon for each workout and add workouts to the lock screen for quick access.

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