Office Online vs Google Docs: Which Office Suite is Better

Most of the current users make use of an office program within the wide range of products that we have today. We find the popular Microsoft Office suite, as well as LibreOffice, or Google Docs , among others.

As you can imagine, some of these alternatives that we are talking about are paid, others are free, there are more complete ones, and others are simpler. It will all be a matter of choosing the proposal that best suits our needs.

Office Online vs Google Docs

How to choose the office suite that interests us the most

It must be taken into account that when choosing the proposal that most interests us in each case, many factors come into play. On the one hand we find the price, something very important for most users. But that’s not all, since although we have to pay for an office suite that we are talking about, depending on the use we make of it, it could compensate us for the expense . It is not the same if we use these programs in personal environments than in more corporate ones where we will make a profit from them.

On the other hand, how could it be otherwise, we find the issue of functionality. We say this because, as the name suggests, these suites are made up of certain applications. Thus, how could it be otherwise, when choosing one option or another, this is an extremely important section. Say that as a general rule here we find a word processor , a spreadsheet program, another for creating multimedia presentations , etc.

Likewise, in an additional way we can also find an email manager, another one for personal notes, etc. And to finish with this that we comment on here, everything related to the compatibility between the files that we use here is also very important. We must bear in mind that the maximum reference, and the most used, is the Microsoft Office suite. Therefore, the native formats of this should be as compatible as possible, both in the creation and in the edition, in the proposal for which we choose.

Office Online vs Google Docs, main differences

But in these lines we are going to focus on two office automation proposals for which you will not have to pay a single euro. It is true that Microsoft has several paid versions of Office, which are the ones that are really known. But at the same time we see a version of the suite that we can use online for free. Of course, for this we need a Microsoft account to access these applications from this link .

Interfaz office online

On the other hand, also for free and online, we find another proposal, now owned by another of the technological giants such as Google . And it is that Docs is the proposal of this type that this firm proposes to us to use in our office automation works . As in the previous case, to take advantage of all this we only need a Google account to access Docs. At this point, it is worth mentioning that each of the applications in this suite has its own URL.

Docs interfaz

That is why in these same lines we will talk about the main differences between the different programs that make up these suites. Specifically, we refer to the aforementioned Office online proposals, and Google Docs.

Before we start, we will tell you that the applications that all of the applications we are talking about here work in the cloud. By this, what we really mean is that the default documents that we create are stored in our storage space on Microsoft’s or Google’s servers. Then we can always save a local copy or download them as if it were any other file.

Google Docs and Word online, which is the text editor that suits me

Well, if we focus on the text editors of both firms, we will tell you that they meet, at least functionally, the basic needs of most users. On the one hand we will tell you that if we talk about Word online , this is a much smaller version, at a functional level, than what we find in the paid version of Office. Of course, both the interface and the options that we do have available here, have a very similar operation to its namesake payment.

But of course, when talking about Google Docs, the search giant deploys its entire arsenal in this text editing program, because it has no other. Therefore the functionality here is superior to that of Word online. It is true that, for example, Microsoft’s proposal allows us to add additional objects to the texts such as images or tables, but the customization options are very limited.

docs editor

In addition, we do not have templates, something that Docs does offer us. Of course, it is worth mentioning that both proposals offer a file sharing tool, which can be very useful.

In short, if we don’t want to spend a single euro and work in the cloud, but with everything necessary in this regard when editing texts , Docs is the best option. But if we are used to the local paid version of Word, but we only need the basics, perhaps the online version will help us.

Choose a spreadsheet program, Excel online or Sheets

In the event that you need to work with a spreadsheet program, but at no cost, Microsoft offers us Excel online, and Google, Sheets. To say that initially both proposals offer us the cell-based interface that we are used to here. Therefore, anyone who has worked on a spreadsheet will be more than used to this type of work.

Excel online

In the case of Excel, as in the previous case, this online version is much smaller in terms of functions than the paid version. However, at the level of editing and sheet design, it is very successful. At the same time we have a good part of the available formulas and in order to use them. That is why in this case both proposals are very even at the level of functions, more than in the case of text editors.

Therefore, if you have to opt for one of them, we could say that both cover the needs of most users of spreadsheets, with Excel online being even a little more for advanced use than Google Sheets. Not surprisingly, this Microsoft application is one of the greatest exponents of Office.

Presentations or PowerPoint, which I use for my presentations

When it comes to creating multimedia presentations, almost no one is aware that PowerPoint has led this market for years. But Google also offers us its own proposal in this regard, the so-called Presentations. The truth is that here at first we could say that both free proposals are quite similar in terms of their operation.

Both present us with the possibility of working with slides to which we can add elements such as texts, images, text, tables, etc. However, for those who are used to using the aforementioned PowerPoint, the online version of it will be easier to use, despite having fewer options than the payment option.

We tell you this because when talking about Google Presentations , despite being functionally similar, it may take us a little more to get used to how it works.