NTFS Undelete, a Program to Recover Deleted Files

The power of current computers is beyond doubt, especially if we consider that they serve us for all kinds of tasks. But aside from that, the programs we use, in addition to the own data that we generate, are actually the most important part, so we must take care of it. For this we have somewhat specific applications such as in the case of NTFS Undelete that we are going to show you.

It should be borne in mind that on a day-to-day basis with the PC we work with a huge amount of files, whether they are our own or from third parties. Hence the importance of backups that we have talked about so many times. And it is that these personal files to which we refer are the basis of the work we carry out with the computer. These can refer to all kinds of programs and modes of use, whether professional or leisure. That is why the care we have of them must be extreme.

NTFS Undelete

Nobody likes to lose data accidentally, either because we delete them inadvertently, or because some disaster happens on the PC. With everything and with this, if the case that we comment on occurs, we always have a solution. As you know, these files and folders that we are talking about, we normally handle them from the Windows File Explorer.

Explorador archivos

Advantages offered by the NTFS Undelete program

As we mentioned before, for whatever reason it may be the case that we lose some files created previously. This can be caused by both our fault and by some external agent such as some type of malware. But in the event that we find a problem like the one mentioned in these lines, we have some solutions. Among these, we will always be able to use some specific software that focuses on the recovery of these lost data . This is the case with NTFS Undelete, a program that has been around for a while but is still very useful. The main reason for all this is that it will help us recover files that we have accidentally lost.

It is worth mentioning that NTFS Undelete is an application that focuses on data recovery that is somewhat old, but no less efficient. It can also be of great help to us in all types of files, since it has support for FAT16, FAT32, NTFS or NTFS5 systems. It is also interesting to know that we can use it in old versions of the Redmond operating system. We say this because the program is compatible with almost all versions of Windows, from XP to Windows 10.

Interfaz NTFS Undelete

As we can see as soon as we start the program as such, it is that it also works with all types of storage units. Thus, we can use it with any disk, either HDD or SSD , as well as with or any type of removable drive. This is where USB disks or external memory sticks and even memory cards come into play.

How to recover data with NTFS Undelete

At the same time it is important to know that in addition to offering a recovery function according to the type of files, it has a special mode for images. Thus, the first thing we do as soon as we start the recovery program is to mark the disk drive on which we want to work. This must correspond to the one from which we have lost data. As we can see, on the right side of the main interface of the program we find the units installed on the computer.

To say that in order to make things a little easier for us, the program itself proposes an assistant to guide us in the recovery process. To access it, we only have to click on the option called Wizard that is located at the top of the interface.

Asistente NTFS Undelete

Here we will have the opportunity to tell the program what is the reason why we have lost the missing data. In this way, the application as such can be more effective in helping us to recover them. It is also important to know that to make the process as such a little faster, NTFS Undelete allows us to establish a series of filters. These will allow us to limit the search a bit more while speeding it up to a great extent.

Set filters for data recovery

Say that to access these search filters for deleted data that we are commenting on, we can do so from the Filter menu option. At that moment, a window will appear on the screen in which we can specify different parameters. These will act as filters with which we narrow the search.

Filtros NTFS Undelete

Say that among these we find the possibility of filtering the search process by modification date of the lost files. At the same time we can specify its name or at least part of it, as well as its original size. Finally, we have no choice but, if we wish, to specify a more specific folder where to start with the recovery of files . You have to know that depending on the type of unit or its size, this is a process that may take a few minutes, we have to be patient.

Alternatives to NTFS Undelete

  • RecoveryRobot Pro: this is a proposal similar to the one discussed above that helps us recover deleted data from our hard drives. Say that the program is compatible with all types of drives and is capable of detecting and recovering any type of file . It also has a very careful user interface that is intuitive at the same time. You can download this other proposal from this link .
  • Recuva: here we refer to one of the best known and most used proposals of this type around the world. It is a free program that provides us with a user interface that guides us through each step to analyze hard drives. Thus, it does not allow us to search for files that have been accidentally deleted and allows us to recover them. To download and install the program, we can do it from this link .

How to download NTFS Undelete

Well, in the event that we find ourselves with the unfortunate fact that we have mentioned, we can use this program for free . Once we have downloaded it, we will only have to install it on the computer and make it work. We will achieve all this after downloading the program from this link.

We also have a full version of it with additional support for a price for a single device, starting at 69.95 euros.