No more sharing Netflix account?

Sharing an account on Netflix is one of the best options when it comes to facing the high cost of the monthly subscription. Its price has not stopped rising in recent years, and in 2021 it reached a new maximum with its price of 17.99 euros for the Premium mode. This mode allows you to view content on four devices at the same time , being the best for account sharing. The problem is that Netflix is starting to get tired of this activity and could be considering the possibility of starting to apply restrictions.

No more sharing Netflix account

As with piracy, a shared Netflix account by four people does not imply that those four people would pay for the subscription separately if this option were limited. The company has allowed it with the aim of growing in users and followers of its content, but now they are using a mechanism for detecting users who share accounts remotely. The multinational has grown exponentially in recent years and knows that there are a huge number of subscribers who share an account, which affects revenue growth if this option were to cease to be available.

Netflix began verifying accounts in March 2021

This mechanism was seen for the first time in March 2021, where many users received a message on their screens that said “If you do not live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to continue viewing the content.” Next, an option would appear to send a verification code by email or SMS. You just have to ask the owner for the code, and let him tell us to continue using the account.

Now, Netflix is making use of that message again in Italy, which changes slightly with the one we saw in March. According to the conditions of use of the platform, a Netflix account is designed to be used in the same household . As soon as it starts to be used in different households, then the detection skips and the user receives the warning.

At the moment, the streaming platform has not taken serious against this activity, but it may be a matter of time before the ads become facts. These types of verifications are the most aggressive step they have taken, which can be easily solved by asking the account owner for the verification code. However, some have chosen to turn to websites to watch movies online for free.

Noise in italy

Some Italian media have exaggerated this information, and claim that Netflix could close accounts or even impose fines. Nothing is further from the truth, the company cannot fine anyone, and so far it has not closed any shared accounts . In the event that they decide to take any action in the future, they would first give notice before starting to block accounts left and right.

The reality is that the company has appreciated “only” 14% on the stock market in the last year and subscriber growth has slowed despite the fact that investments in proprietary content are increasingly important. Other competitors such as HBO MAX or Disney + also worry the leading platform, so the possibility that it prevents account sharing to increase its income is gaining strength.