Nintendo puts an end to emulating the Switch on your PC

The Nintendo console is the most unique of the consoles that can now be found on the market, more than anything due to the fact that basically it is a portable one and that means that its hardware for reasons of consumption and size is less than that of their rivals. Which means that it is much easier to emulate than its rivals. Something that is obviously not to the liking of the Japanese company. Your size? Implement the Denuvo DRM system on Switch.

The anti-pira-cy system called Denuvo is one of the things most hated by PC gamers, since they see how much of the power of their computers goes down the drain thanks to this digital rights protection system. So much so that no matter how much it promises a version of a computer game in terms of technical capabilities. Only the presence of said application in a title is necessary for it to be marked as undesirable. What’s the point of applying it on a console?

Nintendo puts an end to emulating the Switch on your PC

Denuvo in Nintendo Switch games?

Given the limited console power of the hybrid console, many of its users must already be crying their eyes out at the news. Do not worry, things are not going in those directions and the performance of the games in the original system will not be affected. So the goal of implementing Denuvo on Switch is to make it harder to emulate the games on PC and other platforms. Keep in mind that Nintendo sells its consoles at a profit and not just the games. Also, most users of these emulators do not get their games from Nintendo’s own digital store, much less from plugging in game cards. In the latter case due to the fact that there is no interface for it.

Denuvo Switch

So it is normal that the Kyoto company in order to protect its profits and its business has decided to make the decision to implement Denuvo on Nintendo Switch. The power of the console remains fixed, but the power of the computers is increasing and, therefore, it is becoming easier to run the console emulator, so it will reach the point where anyone with a moderately good system you will be able to run the games without buying the console.

The original console is always the best

If you’re considering buying a PC instead of the Nintendo Switch, then let us tell you that it’s a bad idea, not only because the portability of the hybrid console is one of its strengths, but for other reasons. Among which we can include the fact that we would end up paying much more in hardware to have minimally decent results. All this without forgetting that the emulation is not entirely perfect in games and we can find ourselves not only with graphic errors, but also with crashes of all kinds.