New wallpapers available for CarPlay

iOS 16 may be one of Apple‘s most customizable updates, and that’s even extended to CarPlay. And it is that the Apple car interface needed a renovation. With this new version you can change the wallpaper of the car screen. If you want to know how it is done, in this post we are going to tell you.

Apple brings a ton of new wallpapers with iOS 16 to the iPhone. As the next version of iOS is still under development, Apple is adding more new wallpapers. Among them, it pays homage to the first iPhone. And it is that in one of the various wallpapers that Apple offers in this new version, you can see one with a clown fish, which is a clear nod to the first iPhone models, since this was the wallpaper more characteristic.

New wallpapers available for CarPlay

The fourth developer beta of iOS 16 brings a bunch of new wallpapers for the new home app and Apple CarPlay. If you are looking for the new CarPlay wallpapers then this update will suit you as you will be able to download new wallpapers. It should be noted that they are not very varied, but at least you will have the possibility to choose.

With iOS 16 you have more customization options

With iOS 16, Apple offers quite a powerful update to CarPlay with features such as control in the cabin through the CarPlay interface, adaptable to different screens, new widgets, separate screen for drivers, new categories of applications, an instrument cluster , reply to messages with Siri , and much more. And obviously, to make these features look good, there are also some new wallpapers.

Moving on to the new home screen, the app brings a new home view, a popup menu for tiles, more usable buttons, a new button for shortcuts, customization options for scenes, and obviously the new wallpapers too. Now let’s take a look at the wallpapers available in the new Home app and CarPlay.


The complete set of new wallpapers is now available to us. The collection includes six new CarPlay wallpapers, while the home app includes twenty new wallpapers. In terms of design, the new wallpapers in the Home app are simple colorful gradient wallpapers, while the wallpapers for CarPlay are similar to the default iOS 16 wallpaper. Home wallpapers are available in a resolution of 1000 X 1000 pixels, while the CarPlay wallpapers are in a resolution of 2048 X 2048 pixels. he latest version of Apple CarPlay adds eight new wallpapers. All of these wallpapers are inspired by iOS 15. Fortunately, all eight wallpapers, which are four dark and four light, are available in full resolution. These are dynamic wallpapers that automatically change color from light to dark depending on the time of day.