New Tool to Predict When Your iPhone Will Run Out of Battery

The iPhone battery is, without any doubt, the weak point of Apple devices. Their phones have plenty of power, they have excellent cameras and now, finally, they can navigate or 5G networks, but autonomy is still a headache for users of the firm.

Without at the moment there being an obvious improvement in how long the Cupertino phones last for us, at least until the long-awaited new battery technology is applied for the iPhone 13, the only thing that Apple can offer its customers is the possibility of saving power on iOS and now know exactly when your battery is going to end. Apple has been working on new ways for users to know more about the battery life of their devices , and it appears that the company plans to add even more related features to iOS.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office just granted Apple a patent this week for a new system that can predict and warn the user when the iPhone’s battery is expected to run out, rather than, as before, just warn when 20 or 10% battery remains.

bateria baja iPhone

How does this notice work?

To know what this new iOS tool consists of, we cannot do more than look at the text that accompanies the patent of the American brand, which describes it as a “smart advice to show in notification”. Rather than helping preserve internal battery life as some iOS features already do, this new system would help users know how long the battery will last during the day based on recent usage.

Right now you can check the percentage of battery remaining on iPhone and find warnings when it falls below a certain limit per 10% battery can result in a couple of hours of power or in 20 minutes depending on the use made by the user of the mobile. And this is precisely what the new iOS function wants to do, learn how we use the phone to tell you exactly when the mobile is going to turn off. The patent adds that this iOS battery system would also identify the user’s behavior on different days of the week to adjust the battery alerts for each day, showing something different each time.

It is likely that we will see this new tool arrive from the hand of iOS 15 , but it is still too early to confirm it.

Source> GadgetsNow