New iPad Air: Rumors about Its Screen and Connectors

When Apple launched the iPad Pro 2018 it did so under a slogan in which it was said that this was the biggest change to the iPad since its launch and the truth is that it was. This device was the first Apple tablet with reduced frames, without buttons, with integrated Face ID and offering excellent gross power for professionals. However, on the iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad we continue to see generations with the classic home button design. This could change the new iPad Air that will be launched this year, which will closely resemble the ‘Pro’ range.

A new revolutionary iPad Air

The famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been saying for several months that the next iPad Air that Apple will launch will incorporate miniLED panels, which will mean a drastic reduction in frames. Other analysts also agree on this prediction, as well as the fact that it will carry Touch ID under the screen instead of a Face ID that resembles the ‘Pro’ range.

From the Asian media Mac Otakara now affirm that this device will also have a USB-C to the detriment of the classic Lightning connector that we have been seeing in all these devices except for those focused on professionals.

New iPad Air: Rumors about Its Screen and Connectors

The USB-C connector would not only serve for possible faster charging or greater compatibility with third-party cables, but its main advantage lies in the fast data transfer and therefore good connectivity with hard drives and other external elements that currently they cannot be operated on iPadOS except through this connector.

This would place the iPad Air in a very interesting terrain in which, despite not having the most advanced processor, it would have the latest components and a modern design that would focus it more on a demanding public sector, but which does not require the same offered by the iPad Pro.

It would be a smart move by Apple, now differentiating its entire range of tablets. We would have the iPad for students and undemanding public with a classic design, good processor but without high features and a reduced price.

On the other hand the ‘mini’ range for those people who need greater portability without neglecting a good team in terms of components. On the other hand, this mentioned iPad Air with advanced features and finally an iPad Pro that increasingly resembles an entry computer rather than a tablet and that would serve the most demanding and that for reasons of mobility or way of working do not need both a MacBook.

Possible release date

March 2019 was the month the last iPad Air we know of was released. In theory we could have bet on having seen its renewal in the same month of this year, but probably the Cupertino company has been working on these developments and has decided to postpone it to after the summer.

The COVID-19 pandemic could also have been more than justified cause for not rushing into its announcement, as has already happened with the iPad Pro 2020, the new iPhone SE or the renewal of the MacBook Air and Pro. The latter were planned. for March and finally they were coming out in later months.

iPad Air 2019

Seeing how the disease of the new coronavirus will evolve will be decisive when it comes to setting new presentation events, so it is still in the air to know if Apple will hold an event in September for its iPhone 12, Apple Watch Series 6 and some other for then hold another in October with other devices including this iPad Air.

In any case, it doesn’t appear that the company plans to delay it beyond this year. In fact, it would be strange that with these interesting novelties they also decided to announce it through a press release instead of dedicating a space to it in a special event. In any case, we will keep an eye out for new information that may arise in this regard.