New Chromecast with Google TV: Show the Interface in Video

It has happened again. Someone has bought a new generation device before it is officially announced. And no, it is not a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X, but the new Chromecast , the small multimedia device that Google should announce very soon and that, surprisingly, someone already has one working at home.

Small but beasty

New Chromecast with Google TV

We already knew that the device is quite small and compact, and that it will also be accompanied by a remote control that will finally put at our disposal the possibility of having a remote control to navigate through the menus. And it is that until now the function of the Chromecast that we know today is limited to cloning or sending content from mobile devices such as phones and tablets, but given its new abilities, the presence of a remote control was more than mandatory.

The news comes through the Reddit user, fuzztub07, who has been the one who has shared a series of images and videos with which to see the new Chromecast in more detail than ever. For those who have doubts, the device responds to the name of Chromecast with Google TV, and comes accompanied by a USB-C cable with its corresponding power adapter.

Some very Android TV menus

As we can see in one of the videos that the user has shared, the interface menu offered by the device responds to Google TV, which could be the updated and modern version of Android TV. As you can see, the menus are very similar to the current Android TV, although they seem cleaner and more concise, giving priority to Google Search and a section of personalized content according to the tastes and preferences of the user.

Scrolling through the chromecast UI for those that were interested from googlehome

There will be no shortage of applications to install or the section of movies and series, so this Chromecast could point as one of the most complete options to enjoy Google’s multimedia ecosystem without too many complications.

How much?

Chromecast Google TV

Apparently, the owner of this Chromecast has paid about $ 50 for it, it offers 4K resolution with HDR through its HDMI connector and allows the ability to log in with multiple accounts (ideal to keep tastes separate), as well as We can link a Bluetooth headset to listen to everything privately.

When will it be officially presented?

Google has a next presentation prepared for September 30, and it is expected that there, in addition to the new Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G, we will also see the appearance of the new multimedia dongle, so it will be a matter of time before we know it officially and we can buy one right away.