New Bizum functions that will arrive in 2022

Making a Bizum has become one more phrase in our vocabulary. Surely many of us this Christmas have received a Bizum in the form of a gift or adjusted accounts with a friend or relative if we have made gifts together or shared an expense. And it is that Bizum already touches 20 million users in Spain . Who does not use it is that it does not want, since its operation is intuitive and simple. Since the platform joined forces with the main banking entities in our country and due to the increase in electronic payment methods, more and more users are using this service. These are the news that Bizum brings us for 2022.

If during 2021 Bizum launched options as interesting as the Bizum Code, and both businesses and high institutions have already adopted it as a form of payment, 2022 also brings new functions to Bizum. A clear example of this has been the agreement with Loterías y Apuestas del Estado that allows us to both pay and spare prizes through the Bizum QR code.

New Bizum functions that will arrive in 2022

Paying taxes with Bizum

Although there are rare alternatives to Bizum, it is the person who does not have this system for sending payments through mobile phones that allows us to send and receive money between individuals immediately, among many other functions that we have been talking about in recent months.

One of the great novelties that has reached Bizum and is expected to spread throughout the national territory is the payment of fines through Bizum . At the moment it is only available in Álava, Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya, and for certain payments through Kutxabank. One of the great novelties that could occur in 2022 is that the majority of institutional payments throughout Spain could be made through this service.

New Bizum app

Although the date has not yet been confirmed, it is a reality that a Bizum app of its own is about to arrive. It will be a complementary application to that of the banks, so it will not replace or diminish its importance.

The company intends to establish an app this year that will make it easier to share expenses with friends, as well as have new online payment functions. In principle, it is not expected that the Bizum app will have integrated electronic payment, but it should continue to be done from each bank’s own application. However, you will have the ability to create groups to make different payments .

Bizum studies going out of Spain

The great objective of Bizum in 2022 is to make the leap abroad. At the moment we can only use it with Spanish bank accounts, but who knows if 2022 could be the year of the company’s definitive leap abroad . A novelty that could be very useful for those people who work or study abroad and want to send or receive money in the bank account belonging to the country where they reside.

These are the new functions and objectives that Bizum has in hand that add to the possibility of making a donation, paying in online stores, paying for promotions or prizes if you have a company, and sending or receiving money. What functions do you miss in Bizum?