New Amazon Echo: Differences Between Echo Dot 3 and 4 Generation

Last night Amazon surprised locals and strangers with an impressive list of new products (which we will tell you about on the cover, don’t worry). Among them are the new Echo , a popular family of smart speakers that now broadens horizons with the update of its most popular models, including the best-selling Echo dot . At this point and taking into account that you may not have been with your small speaker at home for long, you may have the big question, is it worth the change? We will try to answer you.

New Echos Family

The Amazon Echos have managed to make an important place in our homes over time. When thinking about putting a smart assistant at home, the Alexa option is undoubtedly one of the first options that comes to mind, due to its good performance and solvency (which has led it to enjoy very good popularity).

Differences Between Echo Dot 3 and 4

That is why it is not surprising that Amazon pampers this category and nurtures it from time to time with new models and generations like the one we are dealing with now. The firm has launched no less than four new speakers to update some of its existing categories, so that you can enjoy new designs or functionalities that until now were not available.

Amazon Echo

About the new Echo Show 10 and Echo, you have everything explained in detail in our great article about the great family of Echo speakers from Amazon – tap on the link and you will access it. We here are going to focus on the most popular and affordable of all, the Echo Dot , which has also received an update without that (best of all) influencing its price.

4th generation echo dot

Without a doubt, the first thing that catches the attention of the new Echo dot is its design. This fourth generation puts aside the “pancake” format and is committed to growing in height with a rounded, sphere-like form factor, quite elegant and still not taking up much space (important to be able to be placed in any corner of the house).

We continue to have a similar sound (in the comparison table that you have a little below you can check it) and the possibility of using it as a control unit for our connected home, being able to manage other devices compatible with Alexa.

All the functions that we knew therefore remain, including the Drop In function to “call” other rooms. There is also a version with an integrated clock , with which you can visually check the time, alarms or timers thanks to the LED indicator.

What has changed compared to the previous generation?

As you have already guessed from our explanation, there are no major changes between one generation and another, and the most remarkable thing is the transformation at the design level. The third-generation Echo dot for the moment remains in the Amazon catalog (with what seems a permanent discount price of 39.99 euros) while its edition with a watch has disappeared.

The new 4th generation Echos pick up the baton even on the label, going to cost 59.99 euros and 69.99 euros, depending on whether you prefer the normal version or with an integrated LED clock .

3rd Gen Echo Dot 4th Gen Echo Dot
Dimensions 43 x 99 x 99 mm 100mm x 100mm x 89mm
Weight 300 grams 328 grams
Connectivity Dual band 802.11a / b / g / n Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz)
Bluetooth A2DP
Dual band 802.11a / b / g / n / ac Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz)
Bluetooth A2DP
Sound 40mm speaker 41mm speaker
Compatibility Your Alexa app is compatible with Fire OS, Android and iOS devices App Alexa is compatible with Fire OS, Android and iOS devices
What is in the box? Echo Dot, power adapter (15W) and quick start guide Echo Dot, power adapter (15W) and Quick Start Guide
Clock version? Discontinued Yes
Available colours Anthracite, light gray, dark gray and mauve Anthracite, gray-blue and white
Line in / out 3.5mm in / out 3.5mm output
Official price 59.99 euros (current discount of 39.99 euros) 59.99 euros

Is the 4th generation worth it?

If you already have a 3rd generation Echo dot, the truth is that there is very little reason why you should want the fourth. The new version does exactly the same as its predecessor (and vice versa), so that the functionalities are the same .

The change would only be justified if you have fallen madly in love with the new design or if you were thinking of buying an Echo dot and want it to have a watch (which you can no longer enjoy in the 3rd generation).

For everything else, the “pancake” format that we knew until now is still just as attractive and useful, with the advantage of costing cheaper than the new one. The last decision, as always, is up to you.