The new 200 MP camera of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is amazing

We have already been able to have access to more important data about the camera of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in the absence of official confirmation, and this time it has been from the well-known informant Ice Universe who has given us more interesting details.

One of the main novelties that we can find in this new smartphone is its improvements in the 200MP main camera. It will not only stand out for its resolution, but also for its performance in key areas, among which the excellent results of photos and videos in low light stand out.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

This will be your improved cameras

It was previously reported that unlike other 200MP camera models like the top-ends from Moto and Xiaomi, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will support images in either 200MP or 12.5MP resolution. But, although it supports 50 MP , the compatibility would not have been enabled. In any case, this support will come later as confirmed by Ice Universe.

Render Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

As far as we know, the specs of the 3x and 10x sensors are exactly the same as its predecessor from the Galaxy S22 series, however, this smartphone will get improvements in telephoto lenses , it will also boast more innovative AI and better playback. of the color

He assured that this camera is much better than those of the same resolution presented so far and that the night photos are of very high quality, much better than those of the S22 Ultra. It becomes one of the most important improvements of the last 5 years, according to the informant. Beyond the resolution that cannot be found in many more models, we are going to find impressive photos and videos in all conditions, as well as a large number of possibilities to improve them.

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Galaxy S23 Ultra night photography and night video have been greatly improved
October 27, 2022 • 03:01



At the time, several months ago, there was talk that this sensor would be ISOCELL HP3 with Pixel Binning technology. The recent update of Expert RAW improved the current generation Galaxy S22 in astrophotography and now the improvements could go to a new Galaxy S23 Ultra with low light shots, although it is not known how exactly it could work.

What else can we expect from the Galaxy S23 Ultra?

It will be one of the great surprises of the year when it is presented for all its high-end features. In addition to the 200MP main lens, we expect this smartphone to have a 12MP ultra-wide camera and a 10MP dual telephoto camera. It would be accompanied by excellent performance thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, up to 12 GB of RAM and 1 TB of integrated storage.

Galaxy s23 ultra bombazo

Previously we could see a prototype with premium aesthetics and a glossy ceramic-like finish , with a larger camera module and a curved screen with a perforation at the top. Its refresh rate would increase to 144 Hz giving a better viewing experience from the screen. You will have excellent features in a model that will not disappoint.

In any case, for now there is no data confirmed by Samsung , so we have to wait for new details about this new high-end Samsung and official confirmation by the brand. How do you think it will be, will it stand out for its incredible photographs or is there something that catches your attention more?