Never use a VPN if you do not have your PC or mobile configured like this

To use a VPN correctly, it is convenient that you take into account certain tips. It is essential to use a good program, but also to have your device well configured and prepared. It does not matter if it is a computer or a mobile, since in both cases you must check that everything is correct and that you do not have problems. The goal is not only for the VPN to work well, but also to maintain security on the devices.

How to prepare the PC or mobile to use VPN

Never use a VPN if you do not have your PC or mobile configured

Sometimes we can have compatibility problems or failures when using a VPN. That is why it is important to have the device well prepared to install this type of program and that no problems appear. This way you will achieve optimal operation and avoid many common failures.

Configure the firewall well

A key point that you should take into account is to configure the firewall well. This is essential for the VPN to work properly. These programs could block the connection and make it impossible for you to browse the Internet if you misconfigure it or use the wrong program.

Therefore, check the firewall settings well and make sure you are using a guarantee software. That will help you when it comes to installing a VPN and surfing the Internet smoothly without any cuts and glitches.

Have the antivirus ready

Of course, having a good antivirus is important whenever you browse the Internet. It is what will help you detect malware and avoid many problems that expose your personal data. But the antivirus , just like the firewall, could also give false positives and cause the VPN to not work well.

To avoid these failures, what you should do is make sure you use an antivirus that is correct, guaranteed, and that works well. There are many options, such as Windows Defender, Avast or Bitdefender. However, whichever you choose, it is good that you check its operation well.

Avoid a browser that already has a VPN

It is not a good idea to use a VPN and at the same time another browser that already has a built-in VPN, such as Opera, or use the Tor browser. Beyond the fact that you may have conflicts, you will notice that the Internet speed decreases a lot and you will have problems using many online services.

It is best to have a good VPN , well configured and avoid using additional tools that can slow down the connection.

Ventajas y desventajas de un servidor VPN en casa

Set up the connection correctly

Another factor that you should look at before starting to use a VPN is to check that the connection settings are correct. This will help you to have a good speed, avoid cuts and problems. You should always keep this in mind, but even more so when you are going to navigate through this type of application.

For example, you must make sure that you have the network card drivers updated, the router well configured and everything protected. You should also take into account which Wi-Fi band to connect to or use a good network cable in case you connect this way.

In short, as you can see, you must take into account some factors if you are going to browse through a VPN. This will help you to ensure that the connection works correctly, with a good speed and without interruptions of any kind.