Never send an email with this subject, or it will never reach the destination

Receiving junk mail is common. Every day they send us e-mails of this type , although luckily only some end up actually reaching us. You will see that your email provider, such as Gmail, has a Spam folder . That is where what Google’s own mail, Outlook or the one you use considers as garbage will end up. But can an email you’ve sent end up in the recipient’s Spam folder? The truth is that yes and in this article we explain the issues that you should not put.

Email matters that end up in Spam

Never send an email with this subject

An email ends up in the Spam folder when they detect that there is something that could be strange or dangerous. Typically hackers or those who send malicious or abusive advertising, what they do is play with speed, mention an alleged problem or similar. Email providers are increasingly trained to detect them, but sometimes they fail.

An email you have sent may end up in Spam if you put a subject in capital letters . If you write all the text like this, that can cause the mail platform to consider it a threat and it will reach the other person’s junk mail tray. This will most likely never get to read it.

But in the subject of the message you can also make other mistakes such as putting words like “Urgent”, “Free”, “Promotion”, “Offer” and the like. All this, although it may be totally harmless in the case of your mail, is widely used by spam emails. Their objective is for you to open that email and if you see that it says “Urgent”, for example, you are more likely to do so.

Therefore, any message subject that you put that implies free, offers, speed or anything that could lead to deception, could end up in the Spam tray. You could submit something and it never really gets read.

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Tips for sending an email without problems

So, what should you take into account to send an e-mail and have no problem avoiding it ending up in the Spam tray ? Something essential is to avoid a matter like the ones we have mentioned, but you must also take into account other equally important factors.

The body of the message, the text that you are going to write, could also cause it to end up in the Spam tray. Avoid phrases that are related to free things, offers, urgency, etc. If you need to put something like this, always be accompanied by more text and well explained and not so much short sentences.

Also, be careful if you are going to send attached files . Avoid putting names that could be problematic, as with the subject, since they could end up in the Spam tray. Likewise, it is important that you control the links you send. You should especially avoid putting shortened links. It is always possible to recognize if an e-mail is secure.

It is also important that you use a reliable mail provider , which does not raise doubts. We have named Outlook or Gmail, but there are many others. If, for example, you use a temporary one, of those that expire after a while, it is more likely that it will not reach the main tray.

In short, as you can see, you may have problems for your emails to arrive if you use message subjects like the ones we have explained. Keep these tips in mind and avoid problems.