NETGEAR WAX620: New Dual Band WiFi 6 AP with 2.5G Multigigabit

The manufacturer NETGEAR has launched a new high-performance WiFi 6 access point for professional environments, the new model is the NETGEAR WAX620 and it is a simultaneous dual-band AX3600 device with a Multigigabit PoE port to power it correctly. This professional AP model is oriented for high-density wireless client environments, today in this article we are going to explain all the technical characteristics of this AP and why you should buy an access point with WiFi 6 for companies.


NETGEAR WAX620 Key Features

This WiFi 6 access point is currently the top model of the manufacturer NETGEAR in terms of professional WiFi access points, there is nothing better on the market today.

Hardware features

This new WiFi 6 access point is dual band simultaneous with Wi-Fi AX3600 . In the 2.4GHz band we can achieve a speed of up to 1201Mbps, thanks to its four internal antennas in MU-MIMO 4T4R configuration and the WiFi 6 standard. In the 5GHz band we can achieve a speed of up to 2.402Mbps, thanks to its four internal antennas in MU-MIMO 4T4R configuration and to the WiFi 6 standard. This new access point has Beamforming technologies to focus the signal on the clients, MU-MIMO on the two frequency bands to send data simultaneously to several clients, and we also have OFDMA to fully optimize the wireless network. The internal antennas of the 2.4GHz band have a gain of 3.1dBi and the 5GHz band have a gain of 4.3dBi.

This professional access point has a 2.5G Multigigabit port with PoE / POE +, supports the 802.3af / at standard to be able to power the access point correctly through the Ethernet network cable. Something that has caught our attention is that it supports PoE, but with a limited WiFi bandwidth because it does not have enough power, it will provide approximately 60% of the maximum bandwidth, therefore, it is always advisable to use PoE + switches with it. 802.3at standard to get the most out of this equipment. Another way to power this access point is through a PoE injector and even a 12V / 2.5A current transformer, but this current transformer must be purchased separately.

Today with professional WiFi 6 access points, it is essential to have 2.5G Multigigabit ports with PoE, both in the manageable switch that powers it (such as the L3 D-Link DGS-1520-28MP Switch ) and in the port itself. WiFi access point. If we use a Gigabit Ethernet network, it is very likely that we have a bottleneck due to the high speeds provided by the new WiFi 6 standard.

Software features

This WiFi access point supports different configuration modes, such as AP mode, WiFi repeater, WDS mode and also WDS + AP mode. Regarding the security that this equipment supports, it supports the WPA / WPA2 and also WPA3 standards, in addition, we will have access control based on MAC, possibility of configuring RADIUS-based authentication with the EAP-TLS, TTLS and PEAP protocols, possibility to detect AP from neighbors, supports the possibility of configuring multiple-SSID with support for VLANs, it also has a guest WiFi network configuring a captive portal, bandwidth management, LLDP and more.

Today, two very important characteristics of professional access points are band-steering and also WiFi roaming, in this case, this new NETGEAR WAX620 model supports both technologies. In addition, this access point supports Instant WiFi Mesh, which will allow us to connect via WiFi with an access point that is already configured, to later repeat its wireless network, importing the configuration, VLANs, configured SSIDs, etc.

This WiFi access point integrates seamlessly with NETGEAR Insight, the manufacturer’s cloud management platform for routers, switches, access points, and NAS servers. By having routers, switches and APs centralized, we can create quite complex WiFi networks in a few minutes, as we show you here:

All configuration and customization options are the same in all WiFi access points, we will only find minimal differences depending on the hardware characteristics of the access point or switch. However, if you do not want to manage it from the cloud, you can always manage it locally in standalone mode, but we will not have features such as WiFi roaming or centralized management if you have multiple APs.

We recommend you visit the NETGEAR WAX620 official website where you will find all the details.