Netflix wants to turn your Smart TV into a console and your mobile will be the remote

Netflix no longer only thinks about continuing to increase its catalog of movies, series, documentaries or programs. Now, he is also considering bringing his video games to televisions. Or well, rather, it is already testing them to see how the service works and what it would be like to play the platform’s video games on Smart TVs, which, firstly, reached mobile phones.

If a rumor arose some time ago that Netflix wanted to have its own cloud service, in the pure NVIDIA GeForve Now or Xbox Game Pass style, as the platform’s vice president of game development clarified less than a year ago. However, now it seems that they want to test their games on television first. And, as a detail, users will be able to control the games from their mobile phones.

Netflix wants to turn your Smart TV into a console

Netflix games on Smart TV

Everything indicates that, if they are testing it, it is that they intend to launch their video games on smart TVs. At least, this is what it has been possible to verify when discovering that, within the Netflix app code, there is a hidden one that makes references to the games that could be enjoyed on a Smart TV. However, a control is needed, for this reason, in an additional code that has been discovered, it is indicated that mobile phones can be used as controls.

You have to look back to see how, since 2021, Netflix has different video games for Android or iOS mobile phones. And even if they were available on the App Store or Google Play, they began to put them within the platform’s own application to retain users and increase the audience for their content. For this reason, they are also thinking about bringing the games to Smart TVs, with the aim of increasing the participation of subscribers and having them stay later to watch a series or movie.

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Do the games have to be downloaded or do they come on Netflix?

However, there are still many points that remain to be resolved, such as whether the video games will have to be installed in advance on televisions or whether they can be played directly from the Netflix app . A question that is still not resolved and that, for the moment, nothing is clear.

In addition, among these doubtful points, we also find the fact of how the mobile can be used as a controller. And it is that, no matter how much they want to use a Smart TV as a console , there will have to be a method that allows us to link the mobile to the TV. Or, directly, open the game on the mobile to then play on the television. In any case, it is something that remains pending.

For now, it remains to wait. No matter how much they want to have a cloud gaming offer. Users only have the possibility to settle for what is available on mobile phones . At the moment, the Netflix catalog has approximately 55 video game titles. However, it is planned to launch about 40 more titles throughout this 2023.