Netflix vs HBO Max: who offers a better catalog for less price?

How could it be otherwise, over time the proposals when choosing one video streaming platform or another have grown exponentially. Now we can choose between a wide variety of these where Netflix and HBO Max may stand out.

Here we find two of the most popular alternatives used worldwide and that have a growing number of users and content. When choosing one of these streaming platforms, we must take into consideration several aspects. Obviously one of the most important here is the price, but we will also tell you one thing, the price is relative in this case. And it is that we can find that one of these proposals is a little more expensive than the other, however, the number of simultaneous devices varies ostensibly.

Netflix vs HBO Max

Therefore, in addition to the price we must take into consideration other very important sections. Here we refer to the amount of content available , the premieres that are released periodically, the official applications, simultaneous devices, quality offered, etc. Serve as a clear example of all this if we compare these two streaming video platforms, the important difference in catalog between the two.

How easy it is to imagine, here we refer to the number of movies, series and documentaries that each of the two platforms offers us at the moment. We will never see everything, it is true, but the more content is available, the more videos we will have to choose from in case of doubt. In fact, this is a factor that could be considered one of the most important when choosing one or the other.

Which has more content HBO Max or Netflix

Well, for all those who give priority to the number of videos available on the streaming video platform, say that between these two Netflix is the undisputed leader. We tell you all this because the great platform currently offers us approximately 6,800 video titles . This amount to which we refer must be taken into account if we compare it with the little more than 3,000 titles of HBO Max .

However, as we mentioned before here, we must also take into consideration other sections when choosing one platform or another. As an example, we will tell you that the HBO Max proposal has a price of 8.99 euros, for the 7.99 of the basic Netflix subscription .

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If we compare both costs here, obviously the online service of the big N proposal wins again. However, in reality this can lead us to deception.

We tell you this because we can benefit from this reduced cost, but we can only use one screen and the quality of the content will not exceed HD . But for one more euro, 8.99, the HBO subscription offers us the possibility of viewing its content on up to 3 simultaneous screens and with 4K quality . This is precisely where we mentioned before that we must assess the needs of each case when choosing one platform or another.

And it is that, for example, to enjoy 4K content on Netflix , having almost 7,000 titles, and for four screens simultaneously, the price already goes up to 17.99 euros.

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