NeeView: Open Source Photo Viewer for Windows

On our Windows computer we will surely have a large number of photographs stored. When it comes to viewing them, we must have an image viewer. Windows incorporates Photos, its own viewer, which is not too popular with users due to its slowness. If we want to have the possibility of displaying two images simultaneously as if we were turning the pages of a book, we must try the NeeView viewer, about which we are going to talk today.

NeeView is a free and open source photo viewer developed by Ito Mistsuhiro, which will allow us to navigate through our photo folders and show us two images simultaneously as if they were the pages of a book. It supports the most popular image formats like BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO, and WIC image. It also has support for compressed files such as ZIP, RAR, 7z, LZH, CBR, CBZ, CB7, among others. In addition, it includes support for files in PDF format.

photo viewer

As a good photo viewer, NeeView also has the ability to customize keys and configure gestures. It incorporates functions of movement, rotation and scaling of images, as well as a magnifying glass mode to enlarge the photos. The application also supports full-screen mode and even comes with a slideshow option to browse images without our having to intervene. In addition, it allows video playback, being compatible with Windows Media Player, including ASF, AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4 and WMV formats.

View images and play videos from NeeView

Unlike other image viewers that we can find, NeeView is characterized by having a simple user interface that will help us concentrate on our images without letting a menu loaded with panels distract us. Its interface will remind us of a web browser, as it has navigation buttons and an address bar. In addition, it has a dark background and two side panels, one on each side of the window.

NeeView interfaz

This tool has various functionalities and will be in charge of showing us information about the photographic file that we are viewing, such as the name, its size, the date it was taken, the ISO and the device that we have used to make the capture.

Clean interface without distractions

To start viewing our photos, just drag and drop an image into the viewer, although we can also select our file manually from the “File” tab located in the upper left and then clicking “Open”. We can go through each of the images in a folder using the left and right cursors or use the left and right buttons of our mouse. In addition, a sliding bar is included at the bottom that we can drag to be able to switch between photos and that shows us on the right side the total number of images in the directory.

NeeView abrir un nuevo archivo

If this viewer boasts for something, it is because of the ability to view two images simultaneously. To activate it, we can click on the File tab in the toolbar and select Two page or through the shortcut Ctrl + 2. But to be fair, it must be said that in the tests we have not managed to appear two images simultaneously , because even activating it, it continues to show us a single image on the screen. Besides, it has a full screen option that we can activate by pressing F11 and the slide option by pressing F5. Similarly in both cases we can activate them from the “View” menu.

NeeView modo dos páginas activado

Includes editing tools for photos

In the left bar we find the BookShelf option that we can use to access the recent folders, and if we click on its menu in the form of three buttons we can change the viewing style , to a list, content, banner and thumbnail mode. Here it also allows us to save our playlists, set search settings and show all the content of the current folder.

In the right column we will have a button that shows us information about the image’s properties , as well as its EXIF data. We will also have the option of Navigator, from which we can perform some editing tasks such as rotating, scaling, flipping images, etc. In addition, it has an effects panel from which we can change the size of the image, crop it, focus it or add effects such as blur, relief, swirl, among others.

NeeView efectos

NeeView free download

NeeView is an open source and completely free application for Windows 10. We can download it directly from the Microsoft Store, being compatible with 32 and 64 bit versions. It is a fairly light tool since it only occupies about 25 MB on our hard drive and does not require many system resources for its proper functioning. The fact that we can download it from the Windows store assures us that we are dealing with a program free of viruses or malware, so we can proceed with its installation in a completely safe way.

Developer: NeeLaboratory

Alternatives to NeeView

If we are looking for a free photo viewer on the market we have many options, so you should consider these alternatives to NeeView:


It is possibly the most popular photo viewer and it also has the ability to convert images. It has compatibility with more than 500 image formats. It also has the ability to adjust the color, change the image size, edit the metadata (IPTC, XMP), crop the photo, etc. XnView is a free tool that we can download from its website .


Another complete image viewer compatible with more than 90 formats, which is also characterized by including basic editing and retouching tools. It also allows us to convert the images to other formats different from the original among other features. IrfanView is a free application that we can download from its official website .


This photo viewer has support for more than 70 formats, including some as widely used as JPG, PSD or RAW. Its main feature is that it has a portable version so it is not necessary to install it on our computer. ImageGlass is an application that we can download for free from the developer’s website.