My WhatsApp account does not sync in Windows, what can I do?

Initially, the different instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, were designed for use on mobile devices. But largely due to its widespread global use, clients began to be released for desktop computers compatible with systems such as Windows.

It is for all these reasons that at this moment we have the possibility of installing the official application of the aforementioned WhatsApp platform on our computer based on the Microsoft system. To do this, at first we only have to download the program from the official store of the system.

My WhatsApp account does not sync in Windows

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As you can imagine, the advantages that this offers us are many and will improve our experience of using the instant messaging service. To begin with, we can use a large physical keyboard, and something similar will happen with the screen that we have connected to the PC. At this point what we cannot think is that both applications, the mobile and the computer, work independently. And it is that at the moment in which we begin to use the messaging application on the desktop computer, the stored contents and the new ones are synchronized automatically .

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This means that we will have access to the previously saved chats in the mobile app, and everything we receive on the PC is synchronized on the mobile. Likewise, all this allows us to work with both teams simultaneously thanks to that synchronization of chats and content that we are talking about. However, we may have problems with this synchronization between the mobile application and the Windows application. Let’s see what to do if we find ourselves in this unpleasant situation.

Update apps on Windows and mobile

If we detect synchronization problems between both applications or when the content is loaded, the first thing we must do is update the software. As is usual in most of the programs we use, having the latest version of both the Windows client and the mobile application can solve the problem.

It may be the case that an old version of one of the two proposals is causing a bug. This could be related to some incompatibility and we can not work synchronously with WhatsApp.

Close other open WhatsApp sessions

It may also be the case that we have an open session of the messaging application that is causing the synchronization problems . The best thing is to close all the ones that we currently have running and try to link both programs from scratch. This is something we do from the mobile application by going to the Linked Devices menu option.

At the bottom of the screen we find the sessions open at that moment in Windows, for example. We only have to click on each one of them to be able to close them.

Do not exceed the limit of paired devices

Despite the fact that the new WhatsApp application for Windows allows us to work with several linked devices simultaneously, there is a limit here. This means that we can find ourselves with the problems that we are talking about here if we exceed the number of four linked teams at that time. If we cannot perform the synchronization task, we will have to close the PC application on some other computer.

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Successfully scan the sync QR code

It must be taken into account that the synchronization between both applications is carried out through a QR code that we scan from the mobile on the PC. Therefore, to avoid possible failures in this login, the best thing we can do is make sure to perform a correct scan. To do this, we recommend you balance the code as such, or clean the lens of the mobile so that it can be detected the first time.