My photos are better since I don't use the mobile flash

When we take photos in low light conditions, either automatically or by our own instinct, one of the possibilities that may arise is to activate our flash to be able to have more light in our photos and that they come out better even though this… is not always like that. And to tell the truth, there are many times when activating the flash spoils the photograph you are taking, so today we explain why you should not use your flash if you want the best photo.

A few years ago, this tool on our mobile phone could be much more helpful than it is today, but with the advent of new and different photo modes, this flash has gone into the background, so much so that now it can even mess up your photos.

My photos are better since I don't use the mobile flash

Why spoil them?

We have already told you a couple of times that the flash ruins the photos, but if you are one of those people who uses the flash quite often, you may be wondering why we say this.

We put you in a situation, when you take a photo with a flash at night among friends, how many complain about the flash that the light gives off and come out wrong in the photo? Possibly more than one, so if you want an acceptable photo for your gallery, it is normal that you have to take one or two photos to have a good result.

flash led telefono

To this we refer; It is very difficult for photos with flash at night to turn out well and take people out with a smile and their best face , so the best thing in these cases is to get away from it and the difficulties it causes us for the photos to come out correctly . The point is that the thing obviously doesn’t just stop at our friends and family that we want to take a picture of, but it goes much further and poses other types of difficulties.

The flash burns the photo

The flash that comes with the activation of the flash will not only dazzle the people who are posing for our photo, but it will also dazzle everything around them. This flash will give light to all the elements that appear in the photo, but be careful if these elements are too close… and it is that in the event that there are objects or people that are very close to our objective, they may become saturated with light. this flash .

What is known as ‘burning’ the photo is what can happen to them, which is nothing more than receiving too much light and therefore the photo will not look good no matter how hard you try. This is also caused by the flash and not because you are bad at taking photos, so turning it off will be more than enough.

And it is that the flash, although as we know it as such, is not a real flash like the one we can get in professional cameras, but rather a fix in the form of an LED light with which to light up our photos in a simple way. Although as we have already been able to verify, in a way that sometimes gives results that are not very orthodox.

In the past, there were phones that incorporated a Xenon light flash, much more similar to the one used by SLR cameras, as was the case with some Nokia models, an issue that was no longer carried out due to the high energy cost that this entailed for mobile phones. . In this way, it stopped being used, being the best implementation of flash on a mobile to date.

the best alternative

By the time you discover that the light from the flash is making your photos look like their quality is completely reduced, the only option left to us is to find a coherent alternative to be able to take our photo at night. Today, the vast majority of mobile phones include a night mode that provides greater light to our photographs, which we must use when we want to take our photo. Depending on the mobile phone, it will have one configuration or another, although usually it is a mode that we can find with a moon-shaped icon .

Modo noche

There is also the possibility that you use a point of light, such as a spotlight, although it seems unlikely that this is the most feasible solution, so if your mobile has a night mode, it will be the ideal one for you. .