My laptop was stolen while traveling: I had my data safe and that's how I found it

One of the main advantages that laptops offer us compared to desktop computers is everything related to mobility. If we need to carry technological devices with us throughout the day, these devices are perfect for transporting them comfortably.

Whether for professional or more personal reasons, a growing number of users need to always carry their computer equipment with them. Here elements such as the mobile phone, tablet or laptop come into play. These elements, to a greater or lesser extent, allow us to access our work applications, browse the Internet, communicate with others, or even play games at any time and place. However, in addition to all these advantages that they offer us, we must also take certain precautions related to security.

My laptop was stolen while traveling

For example, if we focus on our laptop that we always carry in our backpack, it is clear that we must take certain protection measures. And it is that it may happen that, in one way or another, this important device is stolen from us in order to access all our data. It goes without saying that this is something that almost all users want to avoid at all costs. That is precisely why we have the possibility of taking certain precautions so that your laptop is not stolen or access to the stored data.

At this point we will tell you that we can take these precautions both to prevent the theft itself, and to prevent access to the data if it occurs.

Don’t put your laptop or saved data at risk

These computers are not cheap, you already know that, and also in them we store all kinds of personal and sensitive data. Hence, we must prevent the set from falling into the wrong hands whenever possible.

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  • Hide the laptop: instead of using a briefcase that is more revealing, we can transport our laptop in a simple backpack to avoid possible theft by keeping it more hidden.
  • Use a security lock: if we are going to work with the equipment in a public place, for little money we can buy a security lock . This will prevent anyone from taking the computer carelessly or when passing near us.
  • Do not let anyone use it: it may be the case that someone asks us to use the laptop for a moment, this is something that we should avoid at all costs in public places since it could be stolen or hacked.
  • Keep Windows always protected: generally these computers are based on Windows, so we must always use a password, PIN or any other method of access to the system to protect it.
  • Use a data encryption program: we can even get a data encryption program to encrypt the most sensitive files as a precaution. VeraCrypt software is a very effective solution.

How to locate the laptop if it has been stolen

It may also be the case that we take precautions if our equipment is stolen and thus be able to locate it as soon as possible. For example, we can use an Apple tag that we hide on the laptop as such if we are iPhone users. Thus, if this product is not paired with our mobile after a while, it will begin to emit a signal, which could help us locate it. We can do something similar with devices known as Samsung Galaxy Tags .

On the other hand, an alternative solution to find our laptop in case of theft is to use certain antivirus. And it is that some of these offer us an integrated geolocation function that could be of enormous help in the event that we have lost sight of our laptop. So we can find your real location through this security software solution as it happens with the BitDefender antivirus, for example.