My internet connection goes on and off, but I have several solutions

It is possible that, from one day to the next, the Internet connection begins to give problems. Therefore, if you are wondering: why does the Internet connect and disconnect? Here you can find a solution. And, this problem is nothing new, an unstable connection can occur at any time. But luckily, there are different checks that will help us correct this problem.

In this case, it is not that the Internet connection stops working, but that it connects and disconnects at different times of the day or it can only happen once every so often. In any case, there are a series of solutions with which we can fix this problem so that the network does not continue to have this problem.

My internet connection goes on and off

The reasons for an unstable connection

For the Internet connection to drop on its own and come back in seconds or minutes is not normal. This usually occurs when there is a problem involved. But, what is the reason that has caused this? Actually, there is not just one reason, but several reasons that could have caused this unstable connection. Therefore, you should keep in mind that it can be caused by all of the following:

  • Point failure in the router.
  • Problem in the network of the operator that you have contracted.
  • The fault of the device itself that we have connected to the Internet.
  • Problems with the router cables.

Cómo mejorar conexión Internet router

And, although these are some of the main reasons, the truth is that they are not the only ones that may have affected the Internet connection at home. For example, it is also possible that the bad location of the router is the culprit, but this will depend on whether it has always happened to you or has started now. Or, in another case, the problem may be occurring on a single device, such as the computer we are using.

All solutions

One of the first steps that we must carry out, to verify what the real culprit is, is to do a speed test of the Internet connection . More than anything, because it can help us to know if it is a failure of the operator’s network or not. If it’s going well at the time, but you’re still experiencing Internet outages, now it’s time to check the cables of the router and the devices that are connected to the network. For devices, try restarting them.

Cable internet router conexión

If in your case, the problem continues, you have to contact the fiber or ADSL operator that you have contracted to check that it is not a failure in your network. However, if this is not your problem, we are left with the following solutions:

  • Bad router location

This failure must be given from the beginning, that is, from the day the router was installed. Basically, because if we are far from WiFi , the connection can be disconnected and connected. And, in addition, we will notice that the speed is slow.

  • Check the lights on the router

Depending on the model, the lights on the router will mean one thing or another. Therefore, in these cases, the ideal is to resort to the manual that had to come in the box of the device. If you verify that the lights indicate an anomaly in the network, you will have to call the operator.

  • reboot the router

Turn off the device and wait about 1 0 seconds to turn it on . When the lights start blinking it is because a series of checks are being carried out. When they stay fixed (usually in green) it means that everything works correctly.

  • check the wires

One of the big drawbacks that we do not take into account is the fiber cable . More than anything, because if it bends badly, it can get damaged over time. So please check that it is ok. Also, if we have pets at home, they may have bitten the cables and we have not noticed.

  • network saturation

This can happen in those moments in which we have many devices connected. It is more common in older routers, but to solve it, what we will have to do is disconnect several devices from the Internet .

  • device wireless adapter

For example, if we are connected to WiFi on a computer or laptop and it has started to disconnect by itself. In that case, you need to check that the device’s wireless adapter is working. The problem may be in the hardware of the device itself or in the firmware. From the connections panel or Device Manager we can see if it is disabled or by checking the computer components, it can tell us if there is a problem.