How to Mute Notifications from a Motorola by Turning the Phone

Notifications from our mobile phones are essential to get the most out of them. These are not always welcome, simply because there are times when we would like to not be disturbed. If one of those cases occurs, the best thing you can do is silence your Motorola with a simple twist of the wrist.

Mute Notifications from a Motorola by Turning the Phone

The phones of the firm have a large number of actions that we can configure to our liking, and in the most comfortable way possible. Something that we tell you below and that as you can see is the best way to silence our Motorola.

Silence instantly with a simple gesture

You never know when you might want to mute your phone, so you don’t have to listen to notifications or ringtones. But imagine what happens to you in the middle of a meeting. Well, chances are you want to silence it as soon as possible in the moment.

desbloqueo facial Motorola

There is a Moto action that precisely allows us to do it in an extremely simple way, and it is by turning our wrist to put the phone on the table, face down , and that it is silenced automatically. With this Moto action the phone will be silenced completely just by turning it face down. So if in the middle of a meeting it sounds when you receive some type of notification, you just have to quickly turn it on the table to stop those notifications and sounds.

How active?

The truth is that it is very simple, because Motorola allows you to access these Moto actions directly from a dedicated app. To do this you just have to run the Moto Actions app and do the following:

  • Enter the Moto Actions app
  • Press the three horizontal stripes
  • Enter the “Moto Actions” section
  • Activate the ” Turn to Do Not Disturb ” action

Now you can make a kind of tutorial from this option with which to test how this mode works once it has been activated. When this is the case, all you have to do is turn the phone with your wrist to silence it.

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Of course, it must be taken into account that you must always turn on some surface , since it is necessary that the proximity sensor detects the proximity of it, otherwise it will not be silenced. So if you make the turn without leaving it on any object, this action will not be activated. Of course it is one of the best actions that Motorola mobiles have, at least it seems to us one of the most useful, one of those that you are going to use continuously.