Must-Have Tools for Online Learning

online learning

One of the biggest shifts that 2020 put upon us is transferring learning from classrooms to homes. Distance learning is here to stay as it has proven to be quite effective. According to research, it improves learners’ retention rate from 25% to 60%, while one-on-one tutoring has an 8% to 10% retention rate.

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of online learning, you need to equip yourself with useful tools. The following tools will ensure that your e-learning journey is easier and more successful.


Being organized is the essence of productivity, and Evernote will help you achieve it. Use Evernote to create to-do lists, take notes, save images, and mark important dates in a calendar. There’s a useful web clipping feature as well, that allows you to save relevant web pages. To surface a note or file that you need, use the nifty search functionality. In addition, the app allows you to make audio recordings. You can take this virtual notebook anywhere. Simply download the app and sync it with your computer.


Keep your files in one place with Dropbox. This is a file hosting service that can store your documents, images, videos, or any type of file you wish. You can use it for free, and you’ll have 2 GB of storage at your disposal. Dropbox makes sharing files easy, as you just need to create and send a link to the file to your teacher or fellow learner. If you want to access your workspace storage while away from home, install the app on your phone.


Since all your writing will take place online, use Grammarly to check your spelling and grammar as you go. You can add the extension to Chrome, and it will check all your writing. Grammarly will also come in handy for essay writing. Proofread your papers to avoid any grade-lowering mistakes. If writing is not your forte, hire a writing service to craft up an essay you’ll use for inspiration. The service review website TopWritersReview can help you find the best service. You can also turn to an essay writing service for editing relevant papers.


Edmodo is an easy-to-use collaboration tool for teachers and students. It has a user-friendly interface that anyone can master. The platform is useful for streamlining communication, sharing instructions, and organizing responsibilities. One of the best features for students is the built-in planner. Students can enjoy a stress-free learning experience as they take advantage of educational games, class folders, mindfulness practice, and learning activities.


Take your posters, presentation, and projects to the next level with Canva. This platform can turn anyone into a graphic designer. It has drag-and-drop functionality and numerous free images and graphs that let you create any type of content. You can use the pre-built templates to speed up the creation process. The possibilities are endless with Canva–from creating projects over making a photo book of an unforgettable student party to crafting up a learning schedule. You can use it on your phone and your computer.


Kahoot! Has a vast library of games and quizzes that make learning fun and engaging. Gamified learning turns monotonous lessons into an exciting learning experience. You can play one of the many games that Kahoot! has, or you can make your own for the lesson you are struggling with. The results can show you which segments are your weakest, so you can perfect them. Kahoot! integrates with Google Classroom, so the teachers can track and score challenges and quizzes.

Final Thoughts

The combination of these tools will allow you to maximize your focus and efficiency during online learning. The plethora of useful digital assistance tools can lessen the challenges of your learning experience. Employ the tools that you find useful and improve your distance learning outcomes in no time.