The Multitasking Function Will Have a Major Change in Android 12

Many will be looking forward to Android 12 finally arriving for their mobiles since, for now, it is only available to a lucky few who have been able to install it on their terminals. And for this reason, we continue to learn about new features that this new version of Google’s operating system will have.

For now, with the images that have been published, this version would bring great news compared to Android 11 . Although from XDA Developers they have been able to access a version that has not yet been made public, presenting an important list of changes, including an important renewal in the multitasking function.

Breakthrough in multitasking

In the first images that came to light in the previous phase for developers, the new function ‘ App Pairs ‘ was discovered, which allowed to change the position of each application by touching the center twice. Its main objective is that the user can use two applications at the same time on his Smartphone.

app pairs

Although it is true, that in none of the previous views for developers could you really see this great novelty in the multitasking of Android 12 . However, in the last most recent leak, if you could see a small sample of what will be ‘App Pairs’. Apparently, we can manipulate the applications while we use them. That is, we can make the applications occupy a certain space on the screen.

But, there are still big doubts about how this new feature will actually work. For now, we will have to wait until the launch of the system to get a reliable answer.

More news for Android 12

The next version that Google prepares for its operating system brings all kinds of changes. One of them will be in the native support, with which we can make extended screen captures . With this, we will be able to have different layers of personalization. Likewise, we can call the Google Assistant by pressing the device’s power button. A possibility that we did not have in previous versions of Android.

temas android 12 color

Although that’s not all, this latest leak ensures that we will have a big change at the interface level in the software. As, for example, we will have a search bar to make it easier to locate the mobile widget that we want. In addition, this new version will come loaded with all kinds of new emojis and changes in the notification bar, in which we will see new controls and shortcuts . In addition, more changes to the volume panel interface are also expected.

And in terms of privacy , this new version of Google’s operating system will show a setting so that we get a notification when an application accesses our clipboard. A very useful change to know the exact moment in which an app is trying to obtain some information from us. Even when establishing our location on the mobile, we can give the apps permissions to locate precisely where we are or only roughly. However, these functions are under development and will surely change again until the final version of Android 12 is released.

Source> XDA Developers