Movistar launches a gaming mode for its WiFi router: what does it do?

After months of working on the function, Movistar has finally announced this week the launch of the gaming mode in the Smart WiFi mobile app . This function is activated from the mobile, and allows you to enjoy better performance when playing games. But how do you do it?

When we play online, the traffic we generate is negligible because we are only downloading and uploading data points on the Internet. In this case, what matters most is the latency and stability of the signal, so that there are no spikes in which the ping goes off. The lower the latency, the sooner our actions will reach the server, so for example in shooters it is vital to have the lowest possible.

Movistar launches a gaming mode for its WiFi router

For this reason, Movistar has launched the gaming mode compatible with the Smart WiFi Router and the Smart WiFi 6 Amplifier . The application is not going to magically reduce latency, but what it allows is to enjoy better signal stability if there are more people at home.

Improve if you use WiFi to play

So, for example, imagine that you are playing on your PC over WiFi , but there are more people at home using it to watch videos, upload files, etc. The router may lose signal stability if it does not have multiple independent channels to handle the connection. As a result, you may experience increased jitter and instability .

With Movistar’s gaming function, we can select the PC and prioritize its traffic over that of the rest of the devices in the home. To enjoy the function, it is necessary to connect to the router’s WiFi network (the 5 GHz one). It is possible to prioritize the connection of up to two devices.

There are more and more routers that have this type of functionality activated by default through QoS , since gaming traffic must always have the highest priority due to latency, and making it a priority does not negatively affect other devices in the home. .

Available first to Fusion customers

To be able to activate the gaming mode, we only have to update the Movistar Smart WiFi application . After that, we open it, and we go to Devices and select the device that we want to prioritize. After that, we go to the device information and click on ” Smart WiFi Service “, where a new option called Gaming will appear.

From the application we can also open the ports of the Movistar router in specific services or games without having to manually enter the number. The functionality can be used on all types of devices that we use to play online, such as Xbox, PlayStation, PC or mobile .

The functionality, unfortunately, does not stay active forever, but each night it will revert to its previous state by default without prioritizing specific devices. Therefore, if we want to re-prioritize our traffic, we have to reactivate it in the application. Fusion clients will be the first to receive the function, and subsequently it will reach all the operator’s clients with other rates.