Motorola One Zoom: When Android 10 Update Comes?

Motorola continues with its plans to update to Android 10. The company has never been one of the fastest to update, but little by little, all terminals in 2019 are receiving their piece of the cake. This time we have to talk about one of the most important and that is yet to be updated, such as the Motorola One Zoom, which is currently in the final stretch for its update to be launched.

Motorola One Zoom

Much of the news regarding Motorola updates comes directly from Brazil, a key market for the company and where the brand has a strong presence. It is precisely from the other side of the pond that we receive fresh news regarding the update of the Motorola One Zoom to Android 10, thanks to the information provided by Motorola itself on social networks.

Motorola One Zoom: one of the latest to update to Android 10

This terminal was launched in 2019 and came with Android 9 Pie. The terminal has received constant patches and security updates, but its update to Android 10 is still pending. In addition, it is the last on the list to receive the patch, since other sister terminals such as One Action, One Vision or One Power, have already been updated. Unfortunately for many users, there is also the other side of the coin, with many other Motorola terminals that will not be updated to Android 10.

Frontal y trasera Motorola One Zoom

The explanation

Motorola has finally offered some light on the arrival of Android 10 to this terminal, as detailed in its official Twitter account in Brazil. The firm has assured that the update to Android 10 of the Moto One Zoom is currently in the testing phase, but that its launch is imminent. Keep in mind that the terminal is not part of the Android One program, which to a certain extent delays its arrival compared to one of its brothers such as One Vision. However, as deduced from the words of Motorola, its stable update is about to caramel.

Motorola One Zoom cámaras traseras

Remember that there are already a good handful of terminals updated to this latest version, as we remember in the following list:

Motorola mobiles updated to Android 10

  • Moto One
  • Moto g7
  • Moto G7 Play
  • Moto G7 Power
  • Moto Razr
  • Moto G7 Plus
  • Moto Z4
  • Moto One Action
  • Moto One Vision
  • Moto One Power

Pending update

  • Moto One Zoom
  • Moto G8 Plus
  • Moto G8 Play