Motorola Edge: Receives the Update to Android 11

Last February we wondered what happened with the updates to Android 11 of Motorola phones. As happens many times, these were scheduled for a certain date, but they were taking longer than necessary. Now it is the Motorola Edge that finally receives its stable update to Android 11, the new version of Google’s operating system.

Curiously, this phone is being updated before other models that were expected before, so it is not necessary to give much credibility to the “roadmap” of the Chinese firm, taking into account this unexpected update of the Edge.

Stable version of Android 11

The Motorola Edge is beginning to receive this new version in a country where it is very popular, such as Brazil. Some users have started to receive the firmware RPD31.Q4U-39-26-4 there . At the moment this update is coming to the Motorola XT2063-3-DS , which is the Brazilian model. This update comes with a weight of 2.3GB , so we have to make room if we are a bit fair on our phone. Therefore this phone receives its share of Android 11 almost a year after hitting the market last May.

motorola edge+ detalle camaras

Good news for the Spanish versions of this phone is that this update has reached the Dual SIM model in Brazil, which has a tray for two of these cards. It is precisely that same double SIM tray that the model has here in Spain, so it is something that could somehow speed up its arrival in our country. It is hoped that after arriving in Brazil, in the coming weeks we will see the update also in Spain . As you know, to check if there is news in this regard on your phone, you have to enter the phone settings, access the System section, click on Advanced and select System update.

Many new features for the Edge

With this update to the new version of the operating system we will logically have all the news in Android 11. The main ones, as you know, affect different aspects of the phone, such as chat bubbles , which make it easier to read notifications, and there are also a general improvement of all notifications .

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Another great novelty is the addition of the connected home controls , which we can access from the phone’s shutdown or restart menu. The multimedia controls of the content that we are playing at all times are also greatly improved. We also have intelligent responses built into the system, aided above all by GBoard. There are also improvements in permissions and now there are more aspects that are updated with Google Play.

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