Motorola: Change the Default Apps for the Ones You Want

After many, many years, more than a decade, iPhone users with iOS 14 are very happy to finally be able to choose other default apps alternatives to Apple’s, something that we have been doing on Android forever. Your Motorola mobile is no exception, because it also allows you to choose these default apps in an alternative way, so you can do it.

Motorola: Change the Default Apps

Choosing the default apps should always be one of the first things to do on our mobile when we start it for the first time. It is perhaps the best customization feature of our phone, which is also quite practical, and which is very simple to carry out.

Choose the default apps

The case of Apple is extreme, because the company has numerous apps that have always been the default on their mobiles, with no option to prevent this from happening. But in the case of Android devices, depending on the manufacturer we have more or less default apps for it. In the case of Motorola, the default apps are usually those of Google .

apps predeterminadas motorola

Like Chrome for browsing, Gmail for email or Google Photos as a gallery to give some examples. Well, this can be easily changed on a Motorola mobile, choosing to always open the apps that we want, even if we have installed them later. In this way, when we open a document related to that type of app, it will always open in the one we like.

So you can choose them

It is quite simple, since we can access this setting among those of the phone applications. We just have to do the following:

  • Enter the settings
  • Select “Applications and notifications”
  • Click on “Default apps”

This is where we can change everything related to the apps that run by default on the phone according to the type of document or link that they usually open to our liking. We can change, for example, the voice assistant, the startup application , which is usually a Launcher, in this case the Motorola one, but if we install another we can choose it too. You can select the SMS , phone app, browser or a specific app to detect SPAM calls and fraudulent numbers.

Well, you just have to click on each type of application, to see the alternatives that we have available. Logically, if we have not installed any additional app, it is impossible to choose a different one as the default. In case you have installed them, they will appear in the list of related apps , and you will only have to select it so that the next time the links and documents are opened with that app.