What are the most useful items in Pokémon GO?

Having an inventory full of items that are truly useful, can sometimes be a bit more complicated on the account. Not only because we are not lucky, but also because we consume more than we can get daily in Pokémon GO with the PokéStops. And it is that each of the objects that are present in the game is usually organized into different groups depending on their purpose, in addition to the fact that the ways to get them are different.

the most useful items in Pokémon GO

For this reason, if we cannot get to visit a large number of PokéStops , there is the alternative of getting these objects that are really useful for our adventure in Pokémon GO will be to go through the game store and spend Pokécoins. Although, it is not the only possible way, because also if you are lucky you may get some of the most desired items for some type of specific reward, do field research, Go Combat league, among many other ways.

The best Pokémon GO items

And it is that, within this game, the objects can be obtained through different methods , either through gifts, weekly rewards, missions or even trainer battles. As we said, the items in the Niantic video game are grouped by objects to capture and cure Pokémon, rare to get, special to evolve and even exclusive that cannot be accumulated. However, these will be the 5 best items you can have.

Pokémon GO objetos

12 km egg

As its name indicates, we need to walk 12 kilometers to hatch this egg. In addition, there are not many ways that this item offers us to be able to achieve it, since we will only have the possibility of having it in our power by defeating Team GO Rocket Leaders. And also, we must bear in mind that it is unlocked from level 8 of our character. And, you can get one of these characters: Vullaby, Larvitar. Scraggy, Absol, Pawniard, Pancham, Skorupi, Sandile, Deino, and Qwilfish.

Rare Candy XL

This is the improved version of the well-known Rare Candy. This time, this item will become available to us once we reach at least level 40 with our character. In addition, we can achieve it in different ways:

  • Leveling up.
  • Special investigations.
  • Hatching eggs.
  • Converting 100 normal candies.
  • There is also a small chance of getting it through other actions.

Super incubator

This is the most improved version of the incubator that we can use compared to the unlimited one. We will have three times to be able to hatch the x1 eggs. 5 times faster , that is, we will have to travel fewer kilometers. In addition, not only can they be obtained in the video game store, but they will also be acquired in special investigations.

huevos pokemon GO

Objects to evolve

Within the game we will also find items that will be necessary yes or yes to make different Pokémon evolve within the Niantic title. And it is that they are the classic evolutionary stones that have always been present in this world. For this reason, these are the ones that you can find through Pokérparadas, Gyms, Field and Special Investigations, among other actions, from level 0:

  • Solar Stone.
  • Rock of the King.
  • Metallic Coating.
  • Flake Dragon.
  • Sinnoh Stone: This item differs from the rest, as it can also be obtained through a Research Achievement, Trainer Battles, Team Go Rocket Leaders, and Go Battles League.
  • Unova Stone: This item can also be obtained through a Research Achievement and through Team GO Rocket Leaders.