The Most Demanded Stolen Products on the Dark Web

On the Dark Web you can find all kinds of illegal products. In the markets of the Dark Web we can find weapons, stolen accounts, drugs and a host of products that it is illegal to sell. Now, a new study has updated the prices paid for some of the most demanded stolen products on the Dark Web.

The company divided the products found into four categories: information that can identify people, stolen financial information, falsified documents, and hacking services. Among the products analyzed by Atlas VPN, the United States Social Security numbers are the cheapest that can be purchased associated with the identity of a person, although they are also associated with other data such as the full name of a person. person, their driver’s license number, passport number, and email address.

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$ 10 for a credit card with up to $ 5,000 balance

Numerous hacks have allowed the theft of these unique numbers associated with each American, and therefore their value has plummeted. But that does not mean that they cannot be used to cause great harm, such as posing as a person when taking out a loan.

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From there, prices start to rise, but prices are still affordable for some products. For example, data on a credit card with a balance between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000 costs only $ 10. In this way, hackers monetize the theft of a card instead of committing the crime of extracting and laundering the money themselves. In the case of US bank accounts, access to one of them with a balance of at least $ 10,000 costs only $ 25.

Passports are also highly coveted, where a template for one from the United States costs $ 18, one from Canada 26, and one from the European Union $ 50. Other “services” include remote access to a hacked computer, where for just $ 35 you can access someone else’s computer.

Up to $ 5,000 for a European passport

Finally, we find the three most expensive elements of those analyzed. Third place is a one-hour DDoS attack , although they do not specify how much traffic, at a cost of $ 165, although attacking a bank or a government website costs between two and five times more. Second place is for a driver’s license, priced at about $ 1,000. Finally, we have the most expensive, which is a fake physical passport for $ 2,980 with one from the United States, while a European one costs up to $ 5,000.

There are also large groups of hackers who sell their services to other hackers. Although they did not manage to establish price ranges, the services sold included scripts for a malware to skip antivirus (and they list which antivirus), brokerage services, mules to transfer money between multiple accounts until they lose track, and services that encrypt malware to sneak in. on computers.

Source> Atlas VPN