The Most Common Cases We Have to Use a VPN

VPN services are increasingly present among users. There are many types, as we know. We can use them on mobile devices and also on desktops. There are options that are free and paid, which are more reliable and usually have more options. As we know, there are many utilities that these types of devices can have. Now, in this article we will explain real cases in which we will have to use a VPN .

Great increase in VPNs

In recent years we have seen a large increase in VPNs . They have especially increased if we talk about mobile devices. They are more present than ever and we have a wide range of possibilities. There are both free and paid options and we can use them in all types of operating systems.

Users are aware of the importance of maintaining privacy on the network. This makes them use tools that help preserve data. We already know that today our information has great value on the Internet. Many marketing companies can use it to launch spam campaigns or send us targeted advertising. They could even sell our data to other users.

All this makes Internet users look for ways to improve that privacy and security. We can use different programs in our day to day and VPN services come into play there. The uses are very diverse. We will explain what are the most common that may be present in our day to day.


Real cases to use a VPN

Access restricted content

One of the most common real cases in which we will have to use a VPN is to access restricted content in a given territory. This is quite common when we talk about streaming video playback platforms, for example. Some like Netflix may have their content available only in some countries or that a certain series cannot be seen in a territory.

To solve this we can make use of a VPN service. Basically what it does is simulate our location. Let’s take as an example that we are traveling in Japan and we want to access a Spanish series that is only available in Spain. Thanks to a VPN service we can simulate that our location is Spain and access that content.

Improve privacy

We may also want to improve privacy and increase anonymity when entering the Internet. There are many tools that we can use for this and of course a VPN service also helps.

When searching the Internet, entering pages or platforms, we can leave a trace. If we want to improve privacy and protect our data we can always use VPN services.

Protect us when using public networks

Another real case that is presented to us and that is also very important is the possibility of protecting ourselves by using public networks . When browsing a Wi-Fi network in an airport or shopping center, for example, our data may be in danger. We don’t really know who may be behind that network and how they could affect us.

Thanks to using a VPN our connection is encrypted. This will prevent our data from leaking and compromising our security. It is a very interesting use that we can give to this type of services.

Find better prices

Finally, although this is not always a reality, we can also find better prices . Certain platforms may offer cheaper prices for visitors from certain countries. This means that if we modify our location, we may have cheaper prices for some products.

In short, these are some common uses that we can have thanks to a VPN service. As we see they are very variable. To do this we simply have to make use of some such platform.