More Improvements for EMUI 10.1: Petal Search and Zoom in Detail

Huawei‘s 2020 range caps, the P40s, landed in stores a couple of months ago with the company’s latest Android-based customization layer, EMUI 10.1 . It came loaded with new features such as device interconnection, apps like MeeTime and a good number of new features for compatible Huawei mobiles .

More Improvements for EMUI 10.1:

Shortly after launch, Huawei released EMUI with some camera enhancements, a new top-level Huawei Assistant setup, and Android security patches from April 2020. Among the highlights of this update we find the activation of Celia, the Huawei assistant, in the P40 range.

Now the company is releasing another major update for the Huawei P40 series , which adds a couple of useful features to mobiles that can be updated with EMUI 10.1.

Great news from EMUI

Huawei launches the latest revision of EMUI 10.1 adding the new Petal Search application that helps the firm’s clients find applications that are not yet available in the App Gallery and thus alleviate the absence of GMS and the Android Play Store. But it also comes with an interesting under-arm camera upgrade.

Petal Search

The application searches various application repositories such as APKPure, Aptoide, APKMonk to be able to install the APKs of millions of apps without the need for Google Play Store. The app has a home screen widget that can be used to search for apps quickly, and it also supports checking for app updates you’ve installed on your device.

petal search

Petal Search is divided into three tabs: For you, Search and Mio / Yo. The For You tab presents the search bar at the top, along with the latest Microsoft News news releases. The Search tab lists some of the most popular applications that you can download although you can always easily search for any app using the search bar at the top. Finally, the Mine or Me tab contains the search history, an incognito mode, downloads and settings.

PiP at camera zoom

Along with the new app search app, the latest EMUI 10.1 update adds a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) preview in the camera app viewer. This allows switching between different zoom levels in detail as long as the magnification is set to 15x or more. This allows us to focus the focus of the camera more accurately and focus on the elements to be photographed the further away we are from them.

Additionally, the update includes enhancements to the Huawei Golden Snap feature to improve the quality and colors of photos taken under certain conditions.

Source>XDA Developers