Moji Maker Review: Program to Create Custom Emoticons

We are living in an era in which multimedia content of all kinds is constantly used on our computers. There are more complex ones such as videos or photos, as well as others that are simpler, like emoticons.

A good part of the success and market penetration of all these elements comes from the Internet and the way in which we interact with other users. We can do this in different ways, as surely most of you already know. To communicate online we can use email, social networks , messaging applications, video conferencing, etc.

Create Custom Emoticons

That is why on many occasions we look for other alternatives in the form of multimedia content that can replace the usual texts . On many occasions these will allow us to express ourselves in a much more graphic way than we would achieve with a simple text. For example, hence the enormous success worldwide that memes have, among other similar content.

Usefulness of emojis in everyday life on the Internet

It is for all this that in these lines we want to focus on an element that surely many use almost daily. Specifically, we refer to the popular emojis that are used on all types of platforms. Thus, we could say that these elements are actually symbols that help us to express emotions in our communications through the Internet remotely. At the same time these can be used to answer many questions, show moods and feelings , or activities, among other things.

Muestras emoticonos

In fact and due to their enormous acceptance throughout the world and environments, many online platforms and services have already incorporated them into their own applications. This allows, as it is easy to imagine, that users can use them in a more comfortable and direct way. But with everything and with it, on the Internet we can find many more designs that we can include in our conversations, by whatever means.

Of course, despite the wide availability of these elements in particular, in the end we find that we use many repeats. And it is necessary to take into account that one of the objectives that many seek on the Internet is originality. That is why they tend to create their own content to share, as for example happens with the aforementioned memes.

How to create my own emoticons quickly and for free

We tell you all this because as with many other contents that we use on social networks and the like, we can also create our own emoticons. In fact, this is precisely what we are going to talk about in these same lines. In this way we are going to present you the way to create your own emoticons on a Windows PC in a simple way and without spending a euro. This we will achieve thanks to the UWP application called Moji Maker.

Moji Maker Store

This is a program that we are going to be able to download directly from the official Windows 10 store, the Microsoft Store , so let’s see how it works.

Developer: Amazing Man
Price: Free

As we say, first of all we have to download and install it in Windows as a UWP application. Once we start it, the program will allow us to choose between starting a new project from scratch, or defining some previous parameters.

Inicio emoji

With this we mean to specify if the design that we are going to make will be in 2D or 3D , as well as its genre. So what we achieve is to save some time and effort since Moji Maker will give us part of the work already done. But we can also start from scratch if we want from Create New.

3D 2D emoji

How Moji Maker works to customize emojis

Once we have opted for the option that is one of the ones originally exposed, on the screen we will find the face of the emoji, but empty. That is logical, since now is when our imagination and creativity will come into operation. For this, the program offers us a series of tools in the form of objects that we can add to the original object. Say that they are located at the bottom of the program window.

Objetos moji maker

Thus, in this section we will find a good number of samples to use when clicking on each of the tools mentioned for the design. Among these we find those that refer to the tonality of the face, eyes, hair, hats, glasses, nose and mouth, etc. Therefore, as we mentioned, we only have to click on each section to be able to select the element that interests us in each case.

Ojos emoticonos

To add the choice that we like the most to the original face, we only have to click on it so that it is added automatically. This is something we can do and modify as many times as we need to. In addition, once these are placed on the face , we can move and resize them at our whim.

Diseño Moji Maker