Mobile Photography Enhanced by AI: Top Phones of 2023

If there was one dominant theme that defined the year 2023, it would undoubtedly be artificial intelligence (AI). We witnessed the rapid ascent of AI across various domains, and one area where it became increasingly prevalent is within the cameras of mobile phones, seamlessly integrating AI technology.

AI has found its place in the market in diverse ways, but it’s primarily being leveraged to enhance the quality of the photos we capture. In this pursuit, photo editing with AI has emerged as a crucial aspect. Let’s explore four mobile phones that excel in AI-driven photo editing, both autonomously and through user customization.

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Google Pixel 8: The Unrivaled Champion

When it comes to AI in mobile photography, the Google Pixel 8 stands as the undisputed leader. It has reached unprecedented levels, even leaving its closest competitors in awe. The Pixel 8 takes photo editing to new heights, offering an array of incredible possibilities.

Notably, after taking a photo, you can even modify the facial expressions of the people within it. Whether it’s making someone smile or eliminating closed eyes, AI empowers you to achieve remarkable results. Additionally, it provides enhancements in lighting and eliminates issues like red-eye, even in low-light conditions.

google pixel 8 pro cameras

iPhone 15 Pro: Illuminating Perfection

Apple‘s flagship phone, the iPhone 15 Pro, boasts AI enhancements in photo editing. In this case, it’s the iPhone itself that takes charge of the editing process, thanks to artificial intelligence. The device automatically adjusts lighting in photos, particularly when capturing images in HDR mode. The result is photos optimized for the best possible scenario, without any manual intervention.

Samsung Galaxy S23: Nightography

Since the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung has been harnessing AI to establish itself as the go-to brand for nighttime photography. The concept of “Nightography” was born, a shooting mode that leverages Artificial Intelligence to improve photos captured in low-light conditions.

This mode elevates the level of detail in nighttime photos, surpassing the capabilities of many other top-tier phones. Among the noteworthy phones featuring this innovation is the Samsung Galaxy S23.

samsung galaxy s23 screen

Xiaomi 13T Pro: AI-Infused Software

Xiaomi has recently embraced the AI trend, primarily through software-driven enhancements applied automatically to photos taken on their mobile phones. MIUI, Xiaomi’s custom user interface, introduces new features aimed at enhancing the visual appeal of your photos without requiring manual adjustments.

Among the Xiaomi phones incorporating these new features into their system is the Xiaomi 13T Pro—a powerful and competitively priced flagship device that promises an enhanced photography experience.

In summary, AI has left an indelible mark on mobile photography in 2023, with these four mobile phones exemplifying the strides made in AI-driven photo editing and enhancement. Whether it’s the remarkable editing capabilities of the Google Pixel 8, automatic lighting adjustments on the iPhone 15 Pro, superior nighttime photography with the Samsung Galaxy S23, or Xiaomi’s AI-powered software improvements on the 13T Pro, these devices showcase the future of mobile photography.