Mobile games that you can download for free for a limited time

In the Play Store and App Store, discounts and promotions are frequently offered with which you can have paid content for free or much cheaper for a short time. Among them, several games with which you can spend entertaining moments.

If you want to enjoy them, right now you can get some free Android and iOS games for a limited time, since they may be on sale again at their usual price at some point. There are also several apps that may interest you.

Mobile games that you can download for free for a limited time

We tell you what they are so you can check them out and see if you are interested in any, although we anticipate that you may need to free up memory on your Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, iPhone or whatever mobile you have if you are going to want a few.

Games about superheroes, warriors and ninjas, tower defense, sudoku, bike racing, shooting, medieval England, puzzles, your own life in the city, symmetry drawing and more.

It is very important that, if you are interested, you take advantage of this promotion to download them for free because they may no longer be given away at any time. Until very recently, there were some games and apps that could be downloaded for free, but now they are paid again.

Free mobile games right now

As you can see, their prices are very varied, from an amount that is close to 1 euro to almost 5 euros and even in some cases exceeds 7 euros, as is the case of Moto Bike Racer Pro Fighter 3D, in the that you will be able to do bike stunts and shoot down your attackers.

Depending on the one you download, you will be able to save more or less money, but in all cases right now you will not pay anything for them. You just have to go to the application store of your mobile, search for them and click on install . It’s that simple, without confirming payment or seeing price or anything.

There are several games for your mobile that you may love, so we tell you what they are. Surely someone interests you, so do not hesitate and look for it as soon as possible.

Android Games

juegos gratis móvil Android

These are the games that you can download for free in the Play Store:

  • Superheroes Junior Premium – superhero game
  • Stickman Master: Shadow Fight – you are a master ninja warrior
  • Data Defense – minimalistic indie tower defense game
  • Sudoku Pro – fun sudoku puzzles
  • Moto Bike Racer Pro Fighter 3D – bike racing game
  • My City: London – for children to tell their stories exploring London
  • Dungeon Shooter – to challenge monsters
  • Dementia: Book of the Dead – set in medieval England

iOS Games

Vive le Roi 3 juegos gratis móvil ios

These games are free right now on your iPhone:

  • Vive le Roi 3 – puzzle
  • My City Home – Sweet Playhouse – explore 12 new rooms
  • Symmetry Drawing – draws the symmetry of the shape
  • The Sense Point: Chapter 1 – a space island with curious puzzles

There are also free apps

If you want to go further and take advantage of all the promotions available for your mobile, there are free applications that you will love and with which you will save money on your download. Up to approximately 10 euros in the case of Phone Booster Pro: Force Stop, which is designed to optimize the performance of your smartphone so that you can enjoy your content much more, including games.

apps gratis móvil optimizar movil

The free applications for Android are:

  • Phone Booster Pro: Force Stop
  • SH001 Watch Face
  • Speedometer GPS Pro
  • Boundo: System Tool Set

The apps that are free for iOS right now are:

  • Reading Trainer 2.0
  • waterminder
  • Cut for Stories